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Dizziness for 4 days!

I've been having this really bad dizzy spell that makes me feel as if I'm drunk or on a boat in a storm. No I'm not on any medication, my blood sugar is very normal and I haven't been to the doctor yet because the clinic is closed today. I have two small children one is only 4 months so I'm scared to walk around holding him can someone please help me fast? I've tried taking lots of vitamins even extra iron and vitamin D and also drinking lots of water and nothing is helping.

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Hi reading your symptoms it is possible that you are suffering from vertigo. I have had that it was like being on a boat. Best see a doctor they can give you some medication for it. Good luck with it.


Hi Kastra15,

What you describe could be vertigo, however I would advise you to see your GP. We do not provide medical diagnoses/ treatment advice on this community and if you need urgent help you should call 999 or visit your nearest A&E department.

I apologise for not being able to help you any more than this.