Come on, I can do this!

Come on, I can do this!

Just finished my morning run in the park! I am feeling great now. I woke up in so much pain but I just pushed passed it and went for a run. Once the adrenalin kicked in, I no longer felt so bad.

On another positive note, I have stayed true to this week's goals and I have not taken Diazepam for the last 3/4 nights. The muscle spasms are worse but at least I feel semi-human again. People at work say they can see the old Adam starting to re-appear, which is a good sign I guess!

Now I just need to wean myself off Amitriptyline then I will go into the xmas weekend in a positive way.


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  • Well done Adam. Just a suggestion - don't make too many changes at once. Give yourself some breathing space with regard to your analgesia. 😀

  • Yes you are right about the analgesia. I am actually in tonnes of pain after that run! Maybe I should hold off stopping Amitrip this week. I just want to get my life back!!

  • Yes but as you are aware you should never chase pain you should hit pain on the head then retract analgesia back. Not stop all analgesia at once - that's all 🖒Is it wise to stop amitrip and diazepam in such a short space of time. 😀

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