Vital Tweaks Go A Long Way

Vital Tweaks Go A Long Way

This week I made an active effort to walk and jog/run. After only a couple of minutes, I would get really bad shoulder pain so I had to retreat back to my pit of self pity and walk home, defeated. I then thought about the equipment I was using and made some changes to reduce the shock/impact running up my legs-hips-back-shoulder.

Like I mentioned before, I have pretty bad knees derived from my rugby and extreme weight lifting days (God, I wish I was more mindful of my future physical health then!) I made 3 changes:

1. Purchasing new trainers designed for under-pronating heal-strikers with extra support around the heel. Judging from how the heel of your shoe is worn in, you can determine where you need extra support when buying new shoes - you may find this link useful:

2. A knee brace designed for runners with meniscal injuries or problems associated with OA.

3. INSANE noise-cancelling headphones (Perhaps not 100% necessary but there is a lot of research on the power of distraction therapy).

The result: Just went for a 100% PAIN FREE run around the park for 20 minutes. Totally smashed my 100 CAL goal on my iwatch and my own expectations. I felt absolutely no impact coming into my back and my lord it was amazing!

Early days, but this MIGHT be a total game changer. I am going to buy another knee brace for the left side.

With consistent small tweaks along the way and being mindful of everything around me, I know I can get there!

CUDOS to you all,


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  • Thank you!

    I am going to buy another knee brace so I have bilateral support. Made a big difference and after running twice in as many days feels so amazing.

  • Wow, that's a huge step forward, Adam. Fantastic that you've not just given up on the running and have been pro-active in finding solutions. It must be a massive morale boost.

    Kudos to you!

  • Thank you so much! yes, a HUGE morale boost. I just had to start the new year in a positive way and was scratching my head over how I could implement exercise with all my injuries. There is always a solution, you just need to keep positive and stay hungry to improve yourself and eventually you can make some breakthroughs. Still a long road ahead but its definitely the first positive finding I have had in quite a while!

    CUDOS to you too!


  • Hello Adam,

    Well done for your willpower and doing your best to feel good! The pain on your shoulder though is something I would check further. If it's on the left (and provided your heart lies towards your left like most of us) check with the GP. It could be a warning sign after exertion so a "stress test" by a consultant may be in order. Take care.

  • Hi EPHK,

    Thank you for your kind words of support! It means a lot! I already have a diagnosis of Brachial Neuritis and currently undergoing treatment. I am also due to see a neurologist as I had some interesting findings on my C-spine MRI. However, I am currently exploring the world of "alternative medicine" and found somethings so useful. Definitely an eye-opener when I treat people with chronic pain now!

    CUDOS to you,


  • Wow! Makes me feel that getting exhausted at the end of a W2 session is pretty wimpy ... sounds as if you are much better than me even with all your problems. Thanks for the post, if you can do it then so can I.

  • Wow well done! 😊👍