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A plate of cheese and my 1m belly!

A plate of cheese and my 1m belly!

Found out today that the circumference of my abdomen is 96cm!!! Not sure how that weighs up with other people within my "cohort" but its quite insane! Annoyingly the physio who forced me to do it has a circumference of 65cm! "Its the pregabalin, I swear!" ... but of course she did not believe me.

The only positive is that it is jumper season so I get away with it (for now!)

Definitely more fuel to my fire......keep it coming!

Cheese anyone? Damn it!!


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I have such a love hate relationship with Pregabalin! I have put over 8KG in weight since I started it only 2 months ago but it is the only thing that calms my pain...

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