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Week 3: Breaking through the noise


This morning, I started my day by taking my meds and the picture attached is how my bedside drawer currently looks like - Absolutely crazy...

This week I am determined to rise above everything and stick to my mission of turning my physical and mental problems around. Yes, my issues in my work/personal life have not helped but if there is one thing I have learnt from the journey at Wecudos is that perseverance and bravery to stand up tall against all that face you are the hallmarks to success. This time last year, I was living in awful hospital accommodation and could only afford to eat lentil soup for lunch and dinner (I love lentil soup so wasn't a huge issue). I broke up with my girlfriend around that time too as she was so fed up of how unstable and stressful my life was. I literally had no money as all my savings, earnings and beyond were spent on Wecudos and although we were working with new clients and generating some revenue we made some big product errors which resulted in a lot of cash being wasted due to the wrong technologies being chosen. So, in turn, I also lost half my product dev team and this broke my heart - I won't go into all of the details but trust me, literally everything around me was crashing down. So much so I remember crying alone in a dark room - business is the harshest and loneliest of worlds and remember I was still working fulltime in the hospital so there was no room for error or taking time off.

BUT, slowly I rebuilt myself, my life and Wecudos. Although we are still very much in the beginning of our wider quest, I am thrilled to have a rock-solid team around me in London who would die for our mission and we have such an exciting product and user roadmap for 2017. My inner drive has always, and will always be, to help those who really need it by building an honest, open and EFFICIENT healthcare service who and to never forget the honest hard work of the health professionals and my own team that help deliver this care.

My mantra "focus & discipline" were always loudest during the toughest of times and the thing that has ALWAYS, without fail, helped me the most has been instilling a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Your health is number 1 and achieving any goal or overcoming any obstacle starts from within. So this week, no matter what happens, I will go for a jog/walk in the park every single day/evening and inject a much needed boost to my overall motivation, energy and psyche.

Through hard, honest work, I will succeed and nothing or no one can break me.

CUDOS to you all,