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End of Week 2

So....time to reflect! What a crazy week...looking back at what my initial "goals" were for week 2, it seems I fell short BIG TIME. I could not instill consistent diet habits and I did not manage to exercise at all during the week. The hospital was pretty brutal this week and the biggest nightmare was the shoulder pain. I did however manage to see my GP and get a sick note so that I can take a break from oncalls, which will help me a bit over the next few weeks-months. My GP was fantastically understanding as she recently had a running injury and knew exactly where I was coming from.

I am just so glad its Friday - literally going to sleep all day tomorrow. Totally knackered.

The pic below sums up this week quite nicely - sitting on the ground at work with my back against a radiator! Getting acupuncture today which will be nice! (Tried several times to upload the pic but healthunlocked is not letting me. I have quite a few issues with HU for some reason...)

Chin up and keep going right?