Week 2 - Diet out the window

Week 2 - Diet out the window

You know what, it is RIDICULOUSLY HARD trying to eat a healthy diet right now. One of my plans this week was to get an appointment with a dietician for a tailored diet "plan" which I would always recommend my patients to do, but I have had absolutely no time, energy or even desire to if I'm being honest. "Junk" food is literally my only pleasure these days and part of me is starting to feel that it is OK and I should treat myself as this is just a minor blip in the grand scheme of things. HOWEVER, there is also another part of me that feels so awful and guilty when I do. To give you an example, last night I had a burger, fries, a pizza and a few gin & tonics. That is MENTAL and I would never normally be able to stomach it.

Doing some research and came across a few interesting studies on the side effects of Pregablin. Here is one that is pretty interesting:


For me personally, the combination of deep seated pain that I can't shake off plus Pregabalin seem to be having this ridiculous effect where I'm totally binge eating. I will randomly just eat an entire packet of biscuits and not even think about it! Getting back in shape is going to be a momental uphill challenge. No idea how but I MUST and I will.

So many challenges to overcome...eeekk

Doesn't help that someone made me an apple pie this week too...!

CUDOS to you all,



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