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The other day I met an amazing lady on the tube who was going through quite a similar experience with pain. She had torn a tendon around her shoulder/humeral head and for the last 6 months has been in excruciating pain. We spoke for 40 minutes non-stop and it was amazing to have someone totally understand what I was going through.

We both agreed on the real amazing power of acupuncture - I am currently getting it once or twice a week depending on how bad the pain and it definitely takes the edge off things and reduce the muscular spasms that are developing around my neck/shoulder blade.

She also highly recommended cupping ( and also Shiatsu therapies ( I am currently looking into both and may as well give them a bash to see how effective they are.

This quest is starting to cost me a bomb!

Oh and Sorry about the gross feet and toe nails (I can hear my mother tutting) but I wanted to write a post about my experiences with acupuncture!

Have a great day guys!