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Powering on!

Powering on!

Stayed true to going to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday but mumma mia did it hurt! I actually ran out of my Pregabalin on Saturday so after a 30 min cycle I was reminded once again just how hard these next few weeks-months are going to be for me. I could not drive home for an hour and was late for dinner with my girlfriend. We also had to cancel plans with her friends which she has had in the diary for weeks. I felt so bad. Before this all happened, I was unable to make plans because of my ridiculously busy schedule and being so exhausted in the evenings/weekends and now there is a whole other reason for me not being able to socialise that most people would not be able to relate to! I am very grateful to have a very caring and understanding girlfriend who did not make a fuss at all and just went without me to let me recover at home.

What made me happy was that I still managed to go on the cross trainer for 10-15 mins on Sunday before my marathon product meeting despite being in pain and not being able to sleep till 4AM. So, I should really tap myself on the shoulder right?! Pun definitely intended...

I know that these early days are going to be the toughest and consistency is vital right now - its not about clocking up the miles or hitting any PB's but rather sticking to a weekly gym timetable and making sure my butt is in there! This would have been my first step pre-pain-days anyway so not much changed to be honest. I just need to sort my head out and psyche myself up beforehand to make sure I don't wimp out!

Diet this weekend was terrible - scones, crisps and wine/gin+tonics (so annoying but Rome was not built in a day?!) I need to develop some better coping mechanisms when the pain is worse plus counteract the binge-eating that comes with the neuropathic pain meds. Anyway, a secretary at work just brought me in an apple so that eases the guilt slightly haha.

Going to be a really tough week as I have 5 evening meetings as we are having a lot of product issues so not going to be fun!

Wish me luck peeps,

CUDOS to you all and have a nice day!