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Work stress and Junk Food

I was oncall in the hospital yesterday, which means I was in from 7AM-830PM and dealing with sick patients all day whilst looking after my normal in patient list. Who says junior doctors don't work hard enough?! In terms of pain, yesterday was awful - I had to lie on the floor and get a secretary to put her elbow right into my shoulder just to ease things slightly. This was at around 2PM and I still had 6.5 hours to go! Luckily a friend of mine is a physiotherapist who came to see me and administered acupuncture for 20 minutes. I have now has acupuncture 3 times in the last 10 or so days and I think it does make a huge difference. It does release the tension/spasms and I would recommend it for other to try for sure!

I know I am facing a horrible day - 14 new patients seen this morning who are coming for elective surgery. The funny thing is that I am now comparing experiences with them about their pain meds so just had 14 interesting conversations and about how they are all managing their pain - only difference is they have suffered for much longer than me and are getting surgery! I am only a youngling compared to them and surgery is not an option for me. Nono, for me, I have a nice 1-3 years of coping with this to look forward to! Aren't I a lucky little fella?

But come on, its Friday! Enough of the negativity! Yes, horrible day but in 8 hours I will be home with a glass of red wine and watching "The Crown" - killer combo for a Friday night. I know you are jealous.

Hope you are all well,


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Nope, surgery is not a management option for brachial neuritis. Have you had nerve surgery before? Did it help you?



Hi Osidge,

How are you finding the combination of Amitrityline and Pregabalin? I am a zombie in the morning and its such a struggle even to get out of bed. Yes I also have an issue with C5-7 on my MRI and I have been referred to a neurologist. Where do you live? Which consultant are you seeing? Try to get a referral to the Royal Nationation Orthopaedic Hospital in London - this is where you get the top ortho docs and there is a spinal unit which is fantastic.

Keep well,