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"Hey Fatso!"


For all the people around me calling me "fatso" at work, you are spurring me on to turn things around SO badly. Keep it up, I will get the last laugh!

I know it's all in jest and I don't really mind as I am pretty strong natured. Teeny Tiny bit annoying given my injury but in a weird way it is pushing me harder. It has also made me feel for all the forgotten souls out there who have felt as helpless as I have in the last few weeks and have to take abuse because of your weight. I promise you, there IS light at the end of your tunnel and you should use the negativity towards you as fuel to your fire to achieve greatness.

So, for all the people who feel that they are treated differently because they are disabled or overweight, I really hope this gives you some comfort - you and I can overcome these obstacles and get to where we want to be.

We can do this!


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Good for you Adam. small minded people I bet your a far nicer person stay strong x


Will do! Like I said, fuel to my fire. I will do this!

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