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Week 2: Understanding my barriers & Planning

Week 2: Understanding my barriers & Planning

Hi guys,

Now that I have reflected on what occurred over the last 7 days, I am going to use this week to basically steer myself away from my barriers/issues that could potentially prevent me from getting to where I want to be. Here is what I have identified as my "barriers to success"

1. Consistent Dietary habits: I will try and develop more of a routine with my food intake as it is a bit chaotic at the moment. Working between hospital, clinic, the Wecudos office makes it a real challenge. I plan this week to see a specialist dietician and get a plan drawn up for me that incorporates all these factors.

2. Pain when exercising: I would have thought the bike would not hurt, but it does. Yes, pills before are an obvious option but I really do want to aim to slowly wean myself off all the meds I am on! I am literally a walking pharmacy these days! So like I said before, I am going to do things like walk more outdoors (will be great for the mental state as well) and I will try the cross-trainer this week. If this still hurts, I think swimming maybe an option but I'm not the biggest fan and I would imagine it putting more resistance on my shoulder/upper body.

Those are the two biggest killers for me at the moment and will be my primary focus points this week. I will also continue to get physio and accupuncture and over time work towards getting some form of rehab plan in place. My ultimate goal would be to get my diet/fitness/wellness/rehab plans all in 1 place and develop a consistent routine but I know I am a few weeks away from that.

The key is small baby steps towards reaching big dream! Just gotta take it one day at a time, keep my eyes on the prize and always strive to improve. Oh, and I will 10000000% keep documenting this journey, it has helped me so much!

Oh and as proof, check out the little bag of nuts I take to work!

CUDOS to you all!


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