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Week 1 Reflection

So it is the end of the my first week on this personal challenge of mine. To re-cap my goal is to basically turn my mental wellbeing and general health/fitness around and to get my pain under control. I have put on 6.5KG since being diagnosed with brachial neuritis so its a SIMPLE mixture of fat burning/weight loss, coming off my meds and exercising regularly again. Should be really easy right?

Well week 1 was quite interesting and I learnt a lot:

1. My Training = Must take Naproxen before I train and my body can handle cycling at very low resistance. I tried to do extremely light resistance band stretches but this again was way too sore so I will avoid this for the time being.

2. My Diet = Follow Filip’s (our resident elite dietician on HU) advice and make sure I take in healthy snacks for mid morning and mid afternoon to help curve my cravings for junk food. I have also incorporated Aloe vera and fresh ginger to my morning smoothies to aid with my inflammation.

3. Professional Input = Avoid para-spinal areas with physio! Brought on a huge amount of pain for me. Will also get 1-2 weekly acupuncture as it does help ease the pain in the evenings.

4. Wellness = Continue to document my journey as this allows me to focus my energies on something far more positive at the moment

Will use these findings to construct my Week 2 set of goals and mission!


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Oh, I forgot to say, I have cut down my junk food intake by a huge amount! replaced most of it with nuts/popcorn/fruit! Makes a huge difference.

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Well done Adam - good progress. My shoulder is just beginning to ease a little after 2 years.

I remember after one particular visit to the osteopath you appreciate how sore you feel afterwards. I jumped out of my vehicle shut the door and received a serious jolt of static which made me jump pulling on my shoulder the pain was indiscribable I could have crumpled the floor in tears - it knocked me sick to my stomach.

Sorry the resistance bands didn't work for you at this time. I started very slowly only 5 very gentle stretches 3 times a day.

Another exercise which I still do today which I found really difficult at first but is now a breeze.

Stand up put your arms out straight in front of you whatever height is comfortable palms facing down and rotate in circles as if holding a duster in each hand as though polishing a table10 times clockwise and 10 anti clockwise both arms/hands together build it up slowly just working into the pain gently. Hope that makes sense.

Your accountability is evident and shining through Adam. Well done.

Keep going.

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Thanks for your kind words! Your support really does mean a lot to me right now. Suffering with this kind of pain is quite a lonely world - its so hard to explain to people what it feels like. And using this place as my outlet is a big help - the weeks before I was a total mess but now I have somewhere to go and tell people what is going on!

I will definitely take your advice on the exercises you are describing - did you find swimming helpful at all? Although I am not a fan, I am willing to give it a go as I am going mental doing this little exercise! I used to train 5x a week and cycle to work (10 miles each way) a couple of days a week too! Now, look at me!!! Reduced to rubble.



Oh and let me know if you need any help from me at all. Always happy to help.



Thanks Adam I am ticking along but enjoy reading your posts and thanks for your support.

I suppose just knowing others are also struggling with pain but look well is supportive in itself.

I have been interested in pain management for along while and intrestingly I have conducted some small studies in to pain management. Intetestingly the research suggests Doctors and Nurses better understand and more likely to be empathetic to patients experiencing pain if they have had the same condition.

Don't forget the power of good old paracetamol.


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You know what, I have forgotten about good old Paracetamol! Will bring him back into the game tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Take are and hope you are well,


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