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Managing my Pain

Managing my Pain

Hi guys,

My physiotherapist recommended that I start doing regular acupuncture to try and see if it eases my pain, which is currently out of control. She just focused on four specific points (1 on each hand and foot) as these areas are main pain-relieving trigger points apparently!

If I am being honest, I don't know much about accupuncture as us medics live in our own bubble and forget the power of alternative therapies. Unfortunately this bubble does not consider cases like my own and I will not be a slave to meds for the next 3 years. I will be interested to hear about anyone else out there who has tried accupuncture - does it work over time and should I continue with it?

When I arrived in the clinic, my pain was around 8/10 and 30 minutes of accu + working on the muscles around my scapula (shoulder blade), it did drop to I would say 3/10 which is a very positive sign. However, it did ramp back up 3-4 hours later and I had to take my Pregabalin.

Interested to hear your thoughts on accupuncture and any other alternative types of pain management that has worked for you in particular! Right now, I am willing to try literally anything and I am happy to be a guinea pig too!

My secretary at work took 7 months off work as she had fibroids which were compressing on nerves and has neuropathic pain whenever she sat down. Now she is back and she told me to take Aloe Vera and fresh ginger every day so I have added this to my morning smoothies. I will write about my morning smoothie in another post as I don't want to bore you to death now!

Wish I could add more pictures so you can see where the needles are but heyho there's me getting accu-punked!

CUDOS to you all!


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Well Adam they are not always "alternative" they can and often are used alongside conventional medicine.

Bit short on time to give this a full response just at this moment. Catch you later Adam.


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