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The Mental Game


No one said this going to be an easy challenge. Even before this all happened, juggling my full time surgical job with the running of Wecudos was such a big daily, weekly, literally constant challenge. I can remember so many instances when I would be doing Wecudos Skype calls between operating cases whilst my colleagues were having their tea breaks. I have lived on constant edge since starting my journey to build a more transparent health service and handling both worlds was mental in itself. But, in saying that, I have been managing it by learning and perfecting the art of having balance in my life and surrounding myself with the right people. I am very grateful to have a lot of great people around me now who I have met along the way and I owe them so much.

Now that I have this intense and constant burning pain, it is a whole different kettle of fish and another full time job in itself. I can only describe it as having 60-70% of my attention and focus being re-directed towards relieving the pain. There is only so much you can do and achieve in a given day and currently my work and personal life is suffering - and for someone in my position, that is a problem! It has totally turned a lot of things upside down and now I need to regain control and develop new strategies to fit everything in.

My mantra throughout this whole journey has always been the words “focus and discipline” which I would repeat to myself every day in my mind and it really helped me get through the toughest, darkest days when most people would have given up. I will need this mantra more than ever now to get over this hurdle in my life and launch the service I have been dreaming of for so long. I have always believed in the fact that everything happens for a reason and I suppose now I can finally understand what life is like for the patients I treat, which will in turn allow us to create an even more valuable service for those people who really need it.

Despite waking up this morning at 4AM with excruciating pain, I still managed to go do a gentle cycle in the gym before some sauna and steam room action! I then had an 8 hour product meeting and now I am back at home in 10/10 pain. I knew implementing exercise and dietary changes to regain my old physique at this stage would be a big ask but I have made a commitment and I must carry on and get it done -no.matter.what.

Week 1 has been a real roller coster but I have learnt a lot and documenting each day has been a big help! I hope it gets easier as I carry on (it usually is but not sure about my old nemesis: Mr Pain).

Focus & Discipline to the end.

Over and out.