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Accountability is Key!


Hi guys,

I woke up in a lot of pain but I sucked it up, took my meds and hit the gym! I am really happy as I managed to do 50 mins on the bike (albeit on a very light resistance but still!!) It is the first time I have even stepped foot into the gym in over 2 months and I feel great. I timed my cycle with a football game that was on TV so that way I could focus on the game and not my pain. I then treated myself and sat in the sauna and steam room and my shoulder feels really good after this too. I find heat really helps. I did have to stop cycling after the first 10 minutes and take Naproxen and now I know for next time that I need to take my pain killers before I go to the gym. Knowing what brings on the pain is important so that you can time when you do certain things to relieve the suffering.

Now, the reason why this post is called Accountability is because I feel I HAVE to push myself now I have pledged to document my journey on this community. The simple act of writing thing down and expressing yourself and is huge help and I would really recommend anyone else to do the same thing. So, with that said, I have to thank all of you out there! Even if you do not reply, the mere thought of knowing someone is reading this, drives me to bettering myself and getting through this horrible period in my life. I think accountability is such an important aspect of achieving a goal, no matter how great or small. I am trying to convince a friend of mine to join my gym so we can train together. Incidentally, he also has a shoulder injury which he has been trying to deal with for over a year! I think together, we can push each other to getting to where we want to be. As Wecudos is partnering with Virgin Active I can get him a discounted rate so I think I can twist his arm and join.

All in all, a great day so far! I had to restart another medication last night as the neuropthic pain has intensified and I am going to try find the right balance so that I can be a normal human being during the day and do the things I want. The pills do mess with your head and an example of that is that I lost my headphone case and bank key card today which is so unlike me! But I wont let that ruin my day. My mindset needs to remain positive and happy and mere material objects are not what are important in life so who cares right!?

I plan to do another light cycle tomorrow morning before my product meeting! Focus, discipline and a positive healthy attitude! Let's do this!

CUDOS to you all,