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Week 1 Picture

Week 1 Picture

Staying true to the good old "before and after selfie" culture that we seemed to be surrounded in, I wanted to post my current body shape at week 1. Yes, I know it is terrible - I swear I used to have abs! Since my injury I have put on about 6KGs of pure fat. It is scary how quickly you can put on so much weight and undo all the hard work that you have put in for months-years...Scary and very frustrating!!

Oh, in case you are wondering, that is a specialised shoulder brace I am wearing and not some sexy fashion accessory although who knows it may catch on! Anything seems to go these days!

Going to take regular pictures to hold myself accountable to this challenge!


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Taking a picture is very brave of you and shows your true commitment to your challenge, CUDOS!

Unfortunately when we are in any disease/inflammation state our body preserves fat as a natural defence mechanism and combined with the poor mobility that comes with any disease state, muscles take a very hard hit.

Remember, each good meal you have is a thin scrape of fat off until your desired body is image is revealed.

Keep up the good work!