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Why a tailored plan is important?

Why a tailored plan is important?

In my first week on working towards this goal of mine, I am starting to think about how I can create some sort of personal plan which brings together all the elements I need to achieve on a daily/weekly basis. As I work in arguably the UK's top Orthopaedic centre, you would think that the rehab/exercise plans we give to patients would be amazing right? I thought that until I saw them! I have attached a photo below. This is what we give to patients with complex shoulder problems who need input from physiotherapy, occupational therapy and fitness/training specialists and I could not believe how basic it was and how much it relies on the patient themselves inputting data.

As a patient now myself, I have to discover, learn and master the following parts of my life:

- Diet

- Cardiovascular exercise

- Rehab exercises

- Mental wellbeing

-Alterations to my daily living

I am so surprised that I am expected to do all this with such a simple table. In my mind, discovering the right set of evidence-based instructions/guidelines is one thing (and an ENORMOUS task in itself) but then how does this fit into my daily life/lifestyle. Not to mention, how do you tackle the issue of adopting new. consistent habits to make sure you actually stick to what you are supposed to do.

Looks like I need to add another goal to my already huge list: Developing my own plan that allows me to achieve my goal and respect the fact that I am not a robot with all day free to fill in an empty table! Come on, in this day and age we can't be messing around with silly tables any longer!

CUDOS to you all,