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No Pain No Gain?

So day 2 in and I am sad to report that my shoulder pain got the better of me. For years I have treated people with injuries and pain but never truly understand how much it can affect your whole life. Diet and exercise go right out the window when it comes on for me. Having an inflamed and irritated brachial plexus (the bundle of nerves which provide motor/sensory function to your upper body/arms) is not a joke. I knew getting myself back on track would be a huge challenge but today was a reminder of just how big that mountain really is. One of the worst things is that no one can truly appreciate what I am going through and I have seen patients fall into a negative spiral of depression and inactivity for years with Brachial Neuritis.

But I am convinced to beat this. I have been dedicated my life and career to helping others and spent the last 3 years building a more personalized health service. Until now, I did not really truly realize just how big my quest was/is! I have a firm belief that everything happens for a reason so the silver lining for me is that by me going through this period of pain and despair I will finally understand my patients and how best to serve them moving forward.

Over and out for the night!

CUDOS to you all,


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Keep going, Im sure you will find something to reduce and manage the pain. You sound very positive and unlikely to fall into that spiral. Have you looked into perhaps seeing a yoga teacher for a tailored plan? They should be able to work with your pain. It may reduce the pain, and it'll keep you active as possible in a gentle way. Yoga is also very emotionally and spiritually strengthening, which is obviously really beneficial with chronic pain. If you do decide to find a teacher, preferably get a recommendation from someone.

All the best

Hedgehog ☺


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