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Day 1

Looking back at how I did yesterday:

1. Ate a healthy breakfast consisting of a protein smoothie (frozen berries, milk, oats, whey protein powder, flax seed/omega 3 powder along with 1.5L of water

- This is usually what I have so no biggie there I suppose!

2. Around mid-morning, after I have driven to work and seen my patients for the morning, I start to get the pain come on quickly severely. This sets me back quite a lot and I then resort to comfort eating. Yesterday I had a cup of tea and 4 biscuits (which is a huge amount for the once healthy me!) BUT on the positive side, I made my pledge after this episode.

3. I ate a healthy lunch replacing carbohydrates with broccoli which was good and also 1.5L of water.

4. Beef jerky/carrots mid afternoon

5. Rosemary chicken for dinner (made by the local deli which I have to admit was very creamy and not going to be healthy at all!)

In terms of exercise, according to my Iwatch I walked 12KM or 14K steps which is quite normal for me and I worked on the mobilisation exercises for my shoulder rehab. I need to somehow build in some form of cardio during the week but as of yet literally everything brings on the pain which in turn makes me eat poorly!

All in all, an OK start I guess! I feel committed and just need to power on.

Today, I will do 200 sit ups with a physio from work who is going to help me along the way! Already I have had a mid morning snack of cashew nuts and not biscuits which is a big improvement!

Will check in soon with an update.

CUDOS to you all,


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Small changes are great and really help you know


Small incremental steps towards greatness! Thank you for your kind words.

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Great job on making incremental changes. It is also admirable that you identified your "problematic" time of the day, where you seek comfort food. I am not sure as to how many hours go by between your breakfast and your comfort food-seeking time, but it sounds like a good 4-5 hours pass.

Perhaps you could try to sneak in snack a couple of hours after your breakfast, even if youre back to back with patients a quick mouthful of nuts and a couple of bites of an apple or appear might be feasible. If not, I would attempt to bump up your breakfast: add an extra piece of fruit, some natural peanut butter (1-1.5 tbsp) and a couple more tbsp oats (whole rolled), and at the same time reduce the amount of water as 1,5ltr at one go on top of the smoothie sounds like a lot of liquid.

Hope this helps.



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I have taken your advice and had a snack mid morning and mid afternoon and my cravings for junk have gone down significantly. I have also made my morning smoothie more robust as you suggested and combined its making a big difference. A totally carb-free diet is definitely not right for me as I need a lot of energy throughout the day and I cannot afford to go through the initial 4 week window of starvation as I would probably be suicidal if I had to deal with that as well.

I genuinely, whole-heartedly thank you for your support and advice. We WILL get me over the line.


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