Dealing with neuropathic pain

Hi guys,

Over the last few weeks, I have had a diagnosis of something called Brachial Neuritis, which is a pretty rare cause of nerve-type pain which usually effects one of your shoulders. I got this quite suddenly and honestly it has totally wiped me out. I went from training 5x/week in the gym and handling the life of both a surgical doctor and CEO to now just trying to survive on a daily basis and keep the pain controlled. It has totally affected my life and my whole outlook on things. Luckily I work in the peripheral nerve injury department so on one hand I am very unlucky to get that but I am also blessed to be in working in the best place possible - the glass is half full right?

Anyway, I am seeing a physiotherapist twice a week and taking medications like Gabapentin, Diazepam, Amitriptyline and Naproxen just to allow me to work and continue to help others through Wecudos and in the hospital.

I really wanted to write this to start communicating with people who have got acute/chronic pain and to share what has worked for one another. Despite treating patients for years, it is so weird and humbling to now see things from the other side of the coin and I have total respect for people with chronic painful diseases/injuries who manage to keep their lives together.

Looking for any help I can get!


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  • Adam I have nothing useful to say to you. Just that I hope you'll find some coping skills from other people.

  • Thanks for your reply! Yes, I hope there are some people that can relate to what I am going through. I am trying physiotherapy and accupuncture this week. I think its important that I develop a routine for my rehab to make sure that it can fit around my working life. Its going to be tough but its got to be done!!!