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Or it seems. Even though I have a master's degree and am a Certified Grant Writer, I got very sick and ended up on disability. My endocrinologist (before he moved out of this state because the health care laws are like, I don't know what prison is like, but maybe that) said I have multifactorial health challenges and we need to peel back layers of the onion to get to the root cause of everything. Well I think I have a big piece of that. Now I need help finding good help that isn't all about prescriptions which this state is.

I am a ACOA and have complex ptsd that is hitting me hard and more each day. I need to move away from the toxic abuse, so I planned on moving anyway. I just need to make sure I go where I can start healing, feel safe enough to wslk out my front door.

So please with all my heart and soul, help me find a place or places I can go. I also only have 1 kidney & 1 adrenal gland that are being affected by all the meds they keep pushing down me because that seems to be all they do in this state and I need to get away from the toxic abuse before it all literally takes my life.

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  • Dear "Stumped",

    How are you doing today? I am very sorry that you are feeling that desperate and down at the moment. What diagnosis do you actually have? What is your current treatment plan and how would you like us to help?

    Best wishes,

    Dr Adam Read

  • Well I just got done doing a treatment for my service dog with cancer. Positive side, he beat it when it was worse.

    So I am not quite sure how to answer how I am.

    My actual diagnosis? Funny u ask as I just filled out my update review for disability and I can't believe have more lives than at least 3 cats.

    Complex ptsd, chronic fatigue/adrenal insufficiency, severe iron deficient anemic, 1 kidney & 1 adrenal gland that isn't working well, Raynaud's Syndrome, seizures many times they seem to come on with stress (can't get 5 doctors/healthcare professionals in same room to agree on why), some are grand mull and I am not sure of others, multiple concussions, extreme short & long term memory loss with no concept of time frame, time of day, date or day. I have a master's degree and am a Certified Grant Writer and Fundraiser and the first word I forgot how to spell was "the", and it has affected my ability to speak what is in my brain to come out the same and sometimes not at all. So I ramble, because I forget what I was saying. I have damage in 3 regions out of 4 in the brain in different areas. Kidney stones, they have reported other masses on only kidney, I have been told I have MS, Fibromylsia, etc. The list goes on. Prior to my endocrinologist moving out of South Dakota because he was tired of SD medical laws and not being able to find cause to treat. They just medicate here still. Sorry, the endocrinologist said I had " multifactorial health challenges". They medicate way too much and only that to the point my system is almost completely prescriptions and otc resistant. I apologize I don't remember the other diagnosis I have been given.

    Current treatment plan? I thought I should have one too, but none of the mainstream/conventional doctors or specialist have agreed or put one together.

    I don't believe in all the diagnosis. It is like my endocrinologist said, it is like an onion and peeling back the layers to get to the core root cause. I tried to sneak in his trunk when he moved! Oh I also have a stupid sense of humor, not sure if that is actually a diagnosis.

    I forgot what your services are. I am currently unfortunately still on disability, therefore that is my insurance. Big stumbling block to getting the right healthcare.

    First I need somewhere that can get to the root cause of mind, body and soul diagnosis. Then put together a treatment plan that is at least complementary, if not all natural/holistic. Then I am already to relocate there. I do know I need to get away from the toxic, alcoholic, abusive family that has threatened me in ways I have never seen in the movies even. Doing this I will need help healing my complex ptsd and a support system, as I have my service dog and absolutely no one else due to what family has done. That is a story for another time.

    Can you help me at all?

    Thanks for replying.


  • Dear Tina,

    First of all, thank you for reaching out to this community and I hope in some way myself and the team can provide some form of support during this troublesome time for you. I am really sorry to hear that so many things are going on at once and seem so overwhelming for you at this point in life. I know what it feels like to have so many things around you crumble around you and to feel so alone and helpless. Life can really get out of control sometimes and the worst thing is when you feel totally alone. I can sense that your journey through this point in your life is going to be what shapes the rest of your life. The good news is that I have seen the most amazing transformations CAN occur in people who are at such hopeless points in life - I, again, speak from personal experience.

    Also, great to hear that you still have a sense of humour despite it all!

    So moving forward and forgetting all the negativity, let's start with the absolute basics and set some realistic positive goals for you to work towards - how does that sound?

    When things get so tough for me and I feel I cannot continue, I take a step back and remember that my mind, body and soul are number 1! Do not ever forget that - you can literally turn your life around in the most amazing ways but first YOU must believe that.

    Remember that you are not alone and at some period in time, someone else just like you has experienced the same things. If they can do it, so can you!

    Here are a couple of audiobooks that help me during the most toughest of times:


    - We are all on a journey in life and this is an amazing book which will help you remember that the hard times in life should be thought of as a greater quest to realising a deeper and more meaningful point in life.


    - This is arguably one of the most moving books I have ever read. In a world full of negativity we should never worry about the actions of others but start focusing on ourselves. Listen to this book every day and build an impenetrable mindset that cannot be touched by the actions or words of others.

    Lastly, take care of yourself. Be mindful to sleep well and eat as healthily as possible. To nurture this new mindset, you must take care of yourself and give yourself the fuel (sleep/rest, a balanced diet and regular exerise) and I promise, in time you, will achieve what you want in life. Remember that the hardest times are there to push you to greatness! Prove everyone wrong and turn things around! I know you can do it!!

    Best wishes and CUDOS to you,

    Dr Adam Read

  • I totally believed in that numerous times.

    Tell me how to hold onto that when I will be homeless Monday, no money, and obviously can't feed or nurture oneself that way.

    I am sure there is a way, but my brain and my research has not helped me here. I am quite scared.

  • Hello!

    How are you getting on? Did you check out the items I posted above? Please do keep in touch with us and let us know how we can help you.


  • Yes. However resting, eating, eating well is not an option in my current situation with the rental units I love ve in. They were subsized by rural development who paid the loan of early and (I believe there is cause for calling this case discrimination based on multiple factors) and decided not to be a low income property. I signed a yr lease on purpose and hoping to be gone by now in a more supportive, healthy community that I have help right there.

    Anyway they basically threw all tenants out making many homeless, even if they had a lease. I am under 5 ft and you know dynamite comes in small packages. Well it has been a long time since I tried to stick up for myself. I did many hours of research, calling many many diverse people, government agencies, love cal, state and federal. I know Iegally in the right and top of civil rights, they have run all over my disability rights. But the fight has made me bedridden for 2 weeks plus other negative effects. However, although my bio millionaire family lives here and I did 3 fundraisers and a huge benefit for my brothers cancer, they will not acknowledge me.

    So I need a thesaurus to find another word for stress.

    But I seriously need to relicate right away. Do you have thoughts?

  • Hey hunny I just wanted to say, wow you sound a lot like me, I'm a medical marvel with a wicked sense of humour, in incredible amounts of pain with rheumatoid arthritis and literally hundreds of additional diagnoses, and my mind though very intelligent has always struggled with putting things into words and my cervical spine slipping has seriously increased my forgetfulness and coordination issues, it's all so confusing at times. I often say my agoraphobia loves my rheumatoid arthritis cos I've been housebound for three years. My step dad disowned me years ago because of my mental health issues. My mum tries her best but hadn't always been supportive until I was officially diagnosed, everyone just thought I was being a bad mum. I'm lucky that I have my children but all the rest of my family live far away and every friend I had disappeared when I became disabled and couldn't run round after them anymore. I just wanted to say I understand how you feel, I ramble too because I lose track or get too emotional. Big hugs to you and much love. I hope you find yourself wherever that may be. Best of luck xx

  • Thanks very much for sharing your story a little, as it does help in a way I don't know how to describe.

    I am sorry you have endured all u have. Big healthchallenges, family doing what they did which I don't understand how family feels that's ok. And friends too, people in general and those that r even paid to help and still don't.

    You sound like u have your sparkle still. That is awesome.

  • Thank you hunny, try to keep your sparkle too, I know how harsh it can feel and I too don't understand how family can think that's ok, I vow never to put my children aside no matter what they do. Good luck Hun, you will get through this time and when you do you will have no one to thank but yourself xx

  • It is so nice to see this genuine care and affection from you. It is rare to find such kind people and this is exactly what I want to build on this community.

  • Definitely and thank you. If I get help very soon, I will make a deal with you. I will do whatever you all need help with. Including Grant Writing, Fundraisers, Community Awareness, what ever you need.

    I know if I don't get help and the right healthcare, more importantly away from the threatening, toxic, alcoholic and still abusive to me as an adult once I got sick.

  • Thank you Dr Read a little kindness can go a long way. Understanding is something I think every one of us comes here for. Sadly living with chronic conditions doesn't always bring us that understanding it kindness, sometimes not even from those who should love us. It's hurtful and we often feel so very alone in a bad situation. If I can help anyone to not feel that way then I've had a good day :)

  • Well it is great to see. My journey at Wecudos began when my mum back in Scotland injured her knee really badly and became depressed since she could not work or exercise. This was right after I graduated as a doctor and I then started using my education in a different way and Wecudos is literally my way of making help and guidance more readily available to those who need it the most.

    I hope this place and all that we build helps you guys. It has been the most insane and challenging journey to get to this point and it has tested me in so many ways. Loved every minute of it though weirdly!

    Please keep up the kind spirit as it is making my epic quest to help others totally worthwhile.


  • That's awesome you used the word Epic. A special friend I had a few years ago, we communicated a lot with that word. I hadn't heard it before or since. Cool.

  • I love that word too! :)

  • sorry about the delay in my reply! I have had the flu and I am a man....

    Also dealing with something called brachial neuritis so I have got really bad neuropathic pain all the time. I am unable to operate in the hospital and my routine of sleeping/eating/exercise has taken a HUGE hit. I know exactly what it is like to be in a place with no hope. I remember once at the beginning of Wecudos where I had to eat in a temple as I had no money to eat. It took me months to turn things around but my message to you is that it always does turn around. The tough times are what shapes us and you can do some really inspirational things. One day you will be helping other people in your position and it will feel so EPIC! Trust me on that.

    How is your housing situation? Do you have any friends at all nearby that can provide some form of stress relief?

    Come on! Let's get through all this together! I know you can.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks for replying. No I have no friends or anymore professional contacts. My biofeedback family stole my laptop, phones and everything. They contacted all my contacts and whatever they said to them scared them all away or freaked them out. I have been eating out of dumpsters. Housing/property management people are harassing me illegally, but no attorney will take them on because of their big attorneys in multiple states and have never won.I can't even leave because bio dad's wife wrecked my vehicle.

  • Hi there,

    What do you mean you are eating out of dumpsters? Would you like to have a chat over skype to see if there is anything I, or any of our health professionals can do to help you? There seems to be so much going on and even I cannot keep up on this! I would be happy to lend you my expertise/support 1-1 and see if that can get you out of the hole you are currently in?

    Do let me know and I will PM you my skype ID.


  • Have you ever heard of "Pots disease"? I was once diagnosed with that by a eye specialist after examining my pupils. I do have something going on with my neurological system, but I did not go to school to be a doctor. Although multiple doctors and specialists I have been referred to and misdiagnosed me several times, they did??

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