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Symptoms of Addison's/Adrenal Insufficiency


At the moment i currently suffer from or have the following symptoms... Fatigue, Exhaustion, Lack of energy & motivation, Loss of appetite, Increased thirst, Lethargy, irritability, Low mood, Craving salty & sugary foods, dizziness, muscle cramps (especially in my left Calf), Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, difficulty concentrating, Confusion, abdominal, Joint & back pain, hair loss, a need to urinate more often especially at night, Diarrhoea & Irregular Periods.

I am currently seeing a psychologist for my Depression & Anxiety, I also have Fatty Liver Disease, Polycystic Ovaries and problems with my Bowels which i'm due a Colonoscopy for soon but likely to be IBS, some form of Colitis and Polyps and lastly i have an Overactive Thyroid and Hashimoto's disease.

I know some of these symptoms could be due to these health problems too but all of them are related to Addison's/adrenal Insufficiency too but my GP won't test for it as my Renal profile was normal last time it was checked.

I'm sick of running on fumes everyday and it's affecting my ability to do my job amongst other things and my employers are noticing also.

Do you have any advice on what i can do or what else it could be so i'm not struggling so much? any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Nikki

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Hi Nikki,

Thank you for your question.

I am sorry to hear that your symptoms are directly impacting your day to day life. The symptoms you describe are broad and I would suggest talking to your GP again to investigate them further. I would also like to say that we are not a substitute for your GP or doctor and If you need urgent help please call 999.

Have you tried meditation or yoga to see if that helps your general mood, well-being and energy levels? A calm mind can help the psychological manifestations of physical symptoms. Please remember that health is a state of social, physical and mental well-being!

I'm sorry I can't be of any more help but please do keep us posted.