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How do you manage stress?

I thought I would share some insight on this very common topic.

Stress affects everyone and is a normal reaction that we all experience from time to time in pressurised situations.

External stressors are those that we are aware of around us, these can include traumas, life experiences or daily hassles.

Internal stressors are feelings that pop into our heads and cause us to feel uneasy, these can include unrealistic expectations, uncertainties, low self esteem and apprehensions.

If you can answer yes to 5 or more of these symptoms then you may be suffering with stress:

-Obesity and Over-eating

-Increased or excessive drinking of alcohol

-Loss of appetite

-If you smoke – you’ll smoke more

-Increased coffee consumption

-Excessive and continuing irritability with other people

-Substance Abuse

-You can’t make decisions, large or small.

-Unable to concentrate – (common symptom of stress)

-Increased and suppressed anger

-Not be able to cope with life, feeling out of control

-Jump from one job to another without finishing things

-Excessive emotion & crying at small irritations

-Lack of interest in anything other than work

-Permanently tired even after sleep – (another very common symptom of stress)

-Decreased sex drive / libido

-Stress can cause Nail biting

Please share your tips on managing stress with our community members!

We will be holding a live webinar soon with one of our expert mind and life coaches to discuss this topic in more detail and to answer all your questions!

This infographic provides some helpful tips:

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Get out and get some exercise! I do know it can feel like absolutely the last thing you want to do but, honestly, it's fantastic for mind, body and self-esteem. I finished the C25k programme a few weeks ago (after no exercise since school - I'm 56 - and gave up smoking after over 30 years) and I now try to run 3 times a week. It gives me fresh air, 'me time', a huge sense of well-being and achievement, and a trimmer, more toned physique. A look at the C25k forum (great for support and morale-boosting) on here will show you that all sorts of folk have done it - fat, thin, young, not so young; the oldest person I've heard of who's started it is 77! Other pluses - better sleep, a strange desire to eat less rubbish and more of the healthy stuff, stacks more energy and a much stronger sense of being able to 'cope'.

It's not easy, it takes a certain amount of commitment in terms of time and discipline, and a decent pair of trainers, but the rewards are immense.


I 100% agree with you on this one!

The amount of good the most simplest forms of exercise can have on your general wellbeing is amazing. This is why I am so passionate about this forum - I genuinely believe that so much can be cured through eating, sleeping and exercising well/regularly!

When I don't go for a run/hit the gym, I start to get depressed and fall into a vicious cycle of eating badly. They seem to go hand in hand which is interesting/annoying!

Keep up this kind of motivation though, I love it!

CUDOS to you,


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