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Under active Thyroid & Weight Loss

I have always had a weight problem & really struggle to lose it. I eat very healthy and always keep a food diary. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid around two years ago and take 75 mg of levothyroxin daily. I had lost 1st 5lb since Feb but over the last month I have gained 7lb, even though i am continuing with my food diary & attending 4 x 50 minute exercise classes per week. I currently weigh 13.7lb & although i know I'm doing everything right this gain isn't good.

My question? Is my underactive thyroid the problem?


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Hi LickThePlate,

Thank you for your question.

Firstly, good job on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle! An underactive thyroid can contribute to weight gain as it slows metabolism. It could be that you may need to have your levothyroxin dose increased but that will be dependant also on your thyroid function tests. I would speak to your GP about having a repeat thyroid blood profile and taking it from there.

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