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BMI - people say not to worry!

Hello. Just received an email alerting me to this forum and encouraging me to join. I'm already on the Weight Loss group.

My situation is since joining the group I've gone from 14 st 2 lb to 13 st. 4 and hoping to go under 13 st. I am delighted. I am a pretty active 54 year old, 5'10" male. Anyway the advice remains that I am overweight and that the upper weight in my range requires another 12 lbs off, just to get to normal BMI upper range. I really think I will be quite skinny then but that's what it says. Any advice?

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Hi Ceebee4,

Thank you for your question.

First of all, well done on your achievement so far! Your calculated BMI is around 26.9 and for it to fall under the 'normal' range it needs to be below 25. However, the BMI is not the the be all and end all! If you have an active lifestyle and have a healthy diet then I wouldn't worry too much about trying to get down to a certain figure. But off course, if you can get to 13 st or below that would indeed be ideal. The most important point is to continue your active lifestyle. What activities do you do to stay healthy?


Thanks for the reply Dr-Kugan

Seems I have about 12 lbs still to lose to get to 25 - if, as you say, I became focussed only on that number. I play football twice or three times a week - 6 a sides, walk the dogs and do a bit of cycling. I am aware at times I drink a little too much, though not excessive, I like my snacks and takeaways; however, when properly settled I have oats and fruit through the day, drink quite a lot of water (though keen on coffee) and a decent portion dinner. Last tests had most things ok, though BP a little high. Generally people regard me as fit for my age, and I take no medication.

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That's great! You have an active lifestyle and you are already putting in what I like to call 'preventative effort'. I would just say that consistency is the most important thing when it comes to looking after your health. Do keep us posted on your progress!

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Hello Ceebee4!

Just read your messages and thought I would chip in! I am Adam and I have trained both as a surgical doctor and personal trainer with a masters in Sports Medicine.

First of all, really huge congrats on making the positive steps towards living a healthier, active life and it seems that you are already making great progress too! I like the fact that you are playing football, walking the dogs and cycling regularly as your cardiovascular health is absolutely key! It seems that your diet needs a little tweaking so that it is more consistent. Did you know that 70-80% of losing weight is actually diet-related? I would really like you to eat smarter (it doesn't have to be too difficult/horrible, I promise!) and also work on building some muscle as both combined will dramatically boost your metabolism and you'll lose weight so much more effectively. Plus, it will mean that your body image will be so much nicer and well-proportioned!

Do you have a tailored diet and exercise plan? I would highly recommend this to make sure you are doing the right things and get to where you want to be safely and efficiently!

CUDOS to you for reaching out!