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Why this community is important

Hi guys!

I torn my meniscus in the gym today!! I was doing deadlifts and felt a tear in the medial part of my knee. My form was perfect and I was not doing a big weight or anything. Happened on the other side a few years ago. It Hurts a lot! It's annoying because it really limits the kind of training I can do.

Luckily I work at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital so I am able to get a specialist knee surgeon to examine me and order an MRI quite easily. I also need to get a physiotherapist/research some programmes out there as I need a tailored gym regimen so I can continue training without causing further damage.

Just realised how lucky I am to have such great care so quickly. I genuinely feel that everyone should have instant access to the RIGHT care for their needs and I hope we can start doing that for people in this community!

I will keep you updated on the outcome of my scan -- CUDOS to you all!


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Good news is that I have not torn my meniscus! After seeing a physiotherapist, it turns out my footwear was completely wrong for the exercise I was doing. I also need to work on a tailored rehab programe for the next 6 weeks to strengthen my quads/hamstrings/calves and in turn take pressure off my (feeble!) knee joints!

Thanks to MYCUDOS I have my very own personalised plan on my phone wherever I go and can communicate directly with my physiotherapist.


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So is the right care giving rapid access to an MRI scan to anyone who mistakenly feels they may have a torn meniscus, rather than initial conservative management. Can the NHS afford to give everyone else this management or is it just for those in the system?