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Hi I'm a 66yr old lady with type 2diabetes on insulin and metformin I also take 3meds for hypertension a statin and analgesics when necessary for Osteo arthritis (I have had 2joint replacements a hip and a shoulder) my question is about night cramps for which I take quinine these were rare but recently l have been experiencing lower leg and foot cramps for the last week ?? Why is it something to do with my diet which is now very healthy can you suggest any reason for these or how to avoid the cramps


Hi Superslim,

Thank you for your question.

It is strange that you are getting night cramps when taking quinine. But please see your GP about this as it may be related to the dose and / or the medications you are taking.

Other causes of leg cramps can include dehydration, low potassium, magnesium or calcium levels. It may also be worth checking these with a blood test at your GP.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for your advice if the cramps continue I will see my go in the meantime I will drink more water as I do not think I drink enough and your suggestion of dehydration was one cause I did think about


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