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Looking forward to bringing value to our community!

Hi all! I'm Dr Varna Kugan and I have a particular interest in preventative healthcare and wellness. I believe that we should have a more rounded approach to health and we should all strive to be healthy socially, physically and mentally. This can be accomplished by a combination of healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness techniques and holistic therapies.

I look forward to answering your questions and offering guidance!

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In isolation there is nothing contentious about what you say. That said we live in a world where everyone is self absorbed in order to survive, working increasingly long hours and fighting every day. Fighting to get on the bus or tube in the morning, fighting to make ends meet, fighting for fair treatment for self and others, fighting to survive. All this fighting is stressful, it erodes self esteem, and provokes self harm. The option of not fighting can be a slide into oblivion, downtrodden by a world that seems to be an evocation of Lord of the Flies. If people could work a little less for a little more, return to having time for hobbies and pastimes beyond career, and return to being mindful of the needs of self and others it would indeed be a much better world.

I am delighted that there are healthcare professionals who still care, and comforted that you are devoting your time and intellect to explore the development of preventative healthcare. Whilst the problems have become standard fare for talk shows and news bite items, the solutions require more time, effort and commitment to put in place. In a harsh competitive world there are others who can shout louder about their situations and problems; they will probably receive more support. For those of us who endure mental health problems and the stigma of most within 21st century society the desire is to simply hide away; to crawl under a stone and die of shame, loneliness and sorrow.

I have no idea how to begin to address the problems faced by those of us with mental health difficulties; but I am comforted you are trying to. Thanks