walking increases

used to be the guy who walked a hundred yards then needed to have a sit down up until around a year ago. now to date have done a 15 mile walk.i am now 63 would not have done this in my 30s-40s so i am extremely pleased with my build up of walking exercise also i am type 2 diabetic and my blood sugars have gone down from 19.3 to 5.9 reducing my medication. so worth going for the walking goal of 10000 steps plus a day

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  • That's great news and very inspirational. In the beginning what sort of increases did you do to get yourself going? Did you just do it to your own capabilities or follow a plan?

  • used a 1500 calorie a day diet (vegetarian) started by doing 2000 steps a day and increased it over time also took up cycling and purchased some cardio type gym equipment which i use daily but the walking is my main excercise as gives me a chance to get out and about unlike the gym equipment which becomes boring but great in the bad weather !

  • That's fantastic! It's amazing what a difference a year can make - well done. 15 miles is a heckuva walk.

  • Brilliant, I can hardly walk at all due to health problems but I'm still trying short steps and resting. I'm happy with whatever I manage even when I have to rest afterwards. You must be proud of yourself 👍

  • anything is better than nothing Rosie. .sorry to here of your heath problems.but good to hear you can manage something at least you make the effort well done x

  • Thank you it's hard and sometimes have to rest afterwards and take a couple of pain killers but it's well worth it I've lost 4st 3lb since October 20/15 but that's mainly due to smaller portions and a healthier diet 😊

  • Well done rosie-2015 - you are an inspiration!

  • Thank you Kay 50

    I hope you are well, I had a fall in the road last week and I was taken to a &e by ambulance, just some cuts and bruising but I'm alright. The good news is I thought that it would frightenedme to go out but I went out for a small walk yesterday and I'm here to tell the story lol

    I hope you enjoy the forum they're a lovely group of people and I've had a lot of useful tips

    Rosie xx 😊

  • Rosie-2015, take it easy on the road! I am also too scared to walk without support after numerous falls - I've been a "faller" all my life! After deciding not to borrow a toddler so I could have a pushchair to steady myself (lol), I took the easy option and bought a sholley to help me instead!

  • Hi Kay 50 I know what you mean about borrowing a toddler lol my sister in law used to use a push chair I have a rollator with a seat but it isn't high enough so it hurts my neck and shoulders. I just use a stick now although I might go back to the rollator I hope you enjoy the rest of your night

    Rosie 😊 xx

  • Morning rosie-2015 - have a look at the sholley website - it's an award winning British design of a walking aid that looks like an ordinary shopping trolley, but can take the entire weight of the user, even when empty! My chiropractor put me onto them about 5 years ago, when she told me using a walking stick for any distance was causing more back problems than it was solving. The height is totally adjustable too! I'm a big woman - 17st and it supports even me!

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