New to Forum, Not new to Walking 🚶

Hi everyone. I'm new to posting a msg, but not new to reading all the motivational messages from other people on the forums. I like going for walks, usually during the morning in all kinds weather and have been doing this for a few years🙂. I have sevear osteoarthritis in my foot caused by an old injury, which required hospital treatment🙁. I've set myself a challenge of walking a minimum 12,000 steps a day because I regularly do more than 10,000 steps. However, I'm surprised I'm sometimes struggling to reach my daily target. I'd be interested to read comments on how others 'up there steps'🙃.


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  • Hi there... Walking is great isn't it... not sure how your day pans out...?

    I find I am walking so much currently as I have a new granddaughter, averaging 45 miles a week with the prom. Four and a half miles. a.m. and the same p.m. ( I run too ) :)

    Not sure steps wise, as it is something I have never really bothered about :)

    Is the upping of steps just for your own satisfaction?

    Are there any short journeys that you usually use transport for that you could walk instead ? You say you walk in the mornings, is it possible to have a mid day and an evening walk... ? Maybe a power walk, but, that may not be possible with your foot issue, but that could help your step count...?

    I am looking forward to replies too... Realfoodieclub , who is our administrator on C25K and on here, is planning a walking programme for this forum, so there may be helpful tips for you there :) I think you are doing brilliantly anyway!

  • Hello Oldfloss

    I love your nickname! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement🙂.

    Congratulations on gaining a new granddaughter 🍾🎉. I tend to walk in the morning after dropping my daughter to school. I'm out of the house and try and 'do a walk' before heading home. This strategy has worked for me to ensure I get regular exercise. Unfortunately I'm unable to run due to the nature of my injury 🙁. However, as I've lost some weight l'm able to walk longer distances and include short but slow jogs😀.

    Thanks for suggesting walking instead of taking public transport. There's a 35-45 minute walk to a centre that I'll visit twice per I can up my step count there😉.

    I average 4 to 8 miles per day, during week days. I'd like to increase my steps for my health and fitness level. From what you've said about the miles you walk/run that you have a good fitness regiment🙃. You're also doing brilliantly👍🏼.

  • Nickname..? That is just who I am... Floss and I am old .. tee hee!

    I love the walking and now, I think of the long gone days when I used to use the car for short journeys...! I started C25K October 2015 and have not looked back since... I love this forum though as I have always loved walking and it has been so great whilst I have been on the IC and could not run !

    It is just great for keeping our minds and bodies healthy and such a wonderful way of losing any stresses or worries :)

    Keep us posted please of your progress ? :)

  • Hi Oldfloss

    I certainly will keep all who are interested posted on my progress🙃.

    Happy Walk/Running🙂!

  • Hi I have COPD psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. I have recently got a Fitbit. But my steps are now way near what you do. I try to walk every day I also do a cardio excersise once a week at my local gym I was refered there after I finished my pulmonary rehab course. And I do home excersise 2 days a week on recommendation of my PR physio.

  • Hi Nottobad

    Thank you for responding to 'my introduction' msg🙂. I'd never heard of COPD psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis that I had to look it up 😦(I'm not a doctor 👨‍⚕️Lol)! It's good to read you've finished your pulmonary rehab and great that you've taken up walking everyday, if you're able😊. I started with short 'hobbles' around a small local park😖Lol. Within a year I was able to walk more than one park during a morning. I've used various 'trackers' but not FitBit. I currently have an Apple Watch which I think is great 👍🏼.

    Well done for attending your local Gym💪...and doing home exercises. The great thing with home exercises is that you can do them any time that suits yourself 🙌. There are loads of good Apps available🙂. I currently use 'Results.'

    It's wonderful you're determined to get back 'on the mend'😀...and you're 'not doing too bad😀!'

    Good Luck on your journey 🙃. X

  • I'm averaging about 15,000 steps a day and have done for the last 18 months. I built in an early morning walk before work, about 40 minutes. Every day, come rain or shine. After a while I took up running and I now either run or walk every morning at about 6 am (not at weekends though). Then I started walking to a station further down the line after work, again about 40 minutes. It's a great way to switch off and gets a bit of extra mileage in. On Fridays I even walk all the way home which is about 9 k. What with the steps I get at work, walking home from the station etc that gives me a good basis of about 11k during the week. At the weekends I try to get longer walks (or runs in), about 13 k. I'll even try and do a long run and a medium walk on Sunday. All in all I cover 90 - 100 k a week at the moment. In the summer I'm hoping to get a few good hikes in. Last summer the longest was 24k. But I do live in a beautiful part of the world (Munich) and I love exploring the Bavarian countryside. Oh, and we don't own a car, so everything has to be done on foot/bike or public transport (not a huge problem here in Germany!).

    I think the main thing is to break up the walks so the mileage is not quite so daunting. A walk in the morning, a couple of km at lunch and then a walk in the evening and it quickly adds up.

    It sounds as if you've got a good basis anyway. Good luck with your plan!

  • Hi JaySeeSkinny

    You have a funny photo 😁.

    I'm impressed with your walkingschedule before and after work...well done🙂. I can relate to you 'switching off while putting in your mileage.' I call it 'unwinding and enjoying my surroundings' or if I'm Jogging then 'trying to get into my zone😉.' It's a very good idea to do exercises first thing in the morning as I believe it sets me up for the day🙃. However, more recently I've not been very good at achieving very early morning rises. I'm working on getting back on track 😇. We live in a city (London) so unfortunately we aren't overlooking countryside...the closest is about a half an hour drive away😕. We also don't own a car (by choice) it's public transport or feet 👣! Exploring the Bavarian countryside sounds wonderful.

    Thank you for suggesting breaking up my walks. Today I did 21,664 steps without even realising it.

    Cheers and happy Walking/Running🙃!

    Best wishes.

  • That's a lot of walking without realizing it. I think we non-drivers automatically get more steps in. I am very grateful that I live somewhere where I can survive very nicely without my own transport 😈

  • You could try adding an extra section onto any walks you're already doing. It's what I did with running - after my usual route was getting easier and easier to hit consistently I turned down different streets to add extra loops. The other option could be to add an additional intentional walk during the day. A mid-day trip around the block or something.

  • Hi runwithdogs

    Your photo of your dog reminds me of my family dog when I was a kid. She was a Greyhound and Collie cross🙂!

    Thank you for suggesting breaking up my walks. It sounds so obvious but I wasn't doing it🙄. Sometimes you get stuck in a routine. Today I'd found excuses to run errands and avoid, where possible Public Transport. I mentioned to another poster that I doubled my step count without realising it🚶!

    Completing a 'short round road trip' during the odd evening is another option🙂!

    Again thank you for your helpful advise.

    Best wishes 🙃X.

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