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I am at present training for the 65 mile non-stop London/Brighton walk in June on behalf of The BHF

I started training Jan 1 by doing 1 mile and nearly killed myself! That was 2000 steps.

Sunday, March 19th, one day after my 58th birthday, I will be attempting 52,400 steps, a distance known as a Marathon. I expect to do it in 10 hours.

Having had OHS twice and several other cardiac procedures, I thought it the least I could do to help repay a debt to the many unknown people who conspired to save my life.

As well as raising money for the BHF, I get to loose weight and become fitter and healthier as a side effect! I was 20 stones when I started my walks. Today I am sub 18 stones and hope to be about 15 stones by June.

Good trekking all and look after your heart and your heart will look after you.

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  • That's a lot of walking. Well done! I did 21,000 steps yesterday as part of my normal weekly walking routine, and am full of admiration for anyone who does 54,000 on one day! 😎

  • 21,000 is no mean feat - It may be sore feet!. That's 10 miles or there abouts. 2 weeks ago I did a non-stop 38000 19 miler so doing a Marathon may be pushing it. I have been steadily increasing my weekly long distance walk. During the week I try to average 10,000. I hope to get up to 80,000 before my attempt at 130,000 in June. I must be mad!

  • I've averaged about 15,000 a day for the last year, which I'm quite pleased about. I love walking, but I've never done the distances you're doing non-stop. Probably the most I've ever done is about 24k (or 15 miles). Good luck!

  • Those numbers blow my mind SlimmingEagle ! I am in awe! Excellent cause too...xx

  • Well done that will be an amazing achievement, I walked the north Norfolk coast path lasr year, it was 50 miles, I did it over 3 days with the longest day being 18 miles... it was really tough but I loved it and when I get fitter I would love to do more long distance treks. Good luck!

  • That's amazing! Do you find you have to stretch with those gigantic distances?

  • Not needed to stretch but I do use Deep Heat to warm my muscles up. I use Vaseline to prevent chaffing and stick padded plasters on my feet to prevent blisters. Use foot moisture repellent spray and non-woollen socks to remove sweat.

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