Walking Since Late January 2017

I've been walking in a 100 Mile Challenge since late January for my job at the Senior Center. I've been keeping track of all the miles I've been doing and noticing how much I've lost in weight lately. It was a little surprising at first since I was asked by my Director if I wanted to join the group for the challenge (she's doing it as well). Every 20 minutes is a mile. The challenge goes until May 6th, but I plan to continue doing the walking since I've gotten so use to doing it.

Since I've been walking, I also had noticed that some of my blood sugars have been a little lower here and there. It depends on how much I've walked for the day. I've also noticed that I might have to buy some new pants eventually since some of my favorite jeans and work pants are getting too big on me! I wasn't sure that was going to happen since I have trouble sometimes with weight loss because I have to have meals and snacks every few hours to keep from getting low blood sugar since I'm a type 1 diabetic.

Well, I know this is short, but I will write again in a few days.

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  • That is inspiring! Just goes to show you don't have to go off running marathons to benefit from nice exercise that can become part of your routine.

  • Yes, you're right!😀

  • I've developed a love of walking again recently, small changes big rewards

  • Fantastic!

  • That's excellent news. The benefits of walking are immense. I find it also reduces stress and picks up my mood.

  • That's great news! How long have you been walking, runswithdogs?

  • I've enjoyed walking as long as I can remember and do it often because of the mutts. The past two months I've really focused on walking as I suffered a concussion awhile back which prevents me from running. I can't go for really long walks at the moment because I get dizzy, but I've been enjoying many short ones every day. I also just got a new running watch which happens to count steps, which gives me a daily target to aim for.

    Walking with work is great. Sometimes we do walking meetings, and often a few of us will walk at lunch. Do you guys walk with the seniors at work?

  • I should also mention since you're counting miles (which I do for running), consider plotting your mileage on a map. I keep track of all the kilometers I've run and plot it on a route across Canada (where I live) to see how long it takes me to get from shore to shore. It's a neat way to see how far you've come.

  • Sounds good! Will tell my Director. She may find that to be a neat thing to do, as well. Thanks for the idea!

  • Only if they go to the downstairs gym area and the Nutrition Manager is still down there at the time.

  • Well done x.

  • Thank you!

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