A little walk in the sunshine :)

Having been unable to run for a couple of weeks due to a lurgy and getting a little fed up with being stuck inside when the sun is shining I decided to go for a little walk :)

Just to the library and back - only 3k - but I felt much better afterwards for having been out in the fresh air. And it was surprisingly warm outside today as well! On my way back I met a lovely little cat who decided to walk with me for a while, all the time chatting away to me!

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  • It's a lovely day here, too. Glad you could get out.

    Hope you feel well enough to get running again soon.

  • I had hoped to restart running again yesterday or today - but know full well that if I try and run before my lungs are ready they will just kick up a fuss!!!

  • Wait until the little voice inside tells you that you're good to go :)

  • I will!

  • Hee hee, if that little cat is anything like me, it would be saying one thing, and that is 'feed me'. Mine is sitting on the window ledge outside using the power of his mind at this very moment in time. Doesn't he know it's rude to stare...xx

  • I think it was a "will you come to my house and let me in and fuss me and feed me" kind of conversation! It was a very friendly little tiger :)

  • Lovely... nothing like a spot of sunshine and a walk to make us feel brighter! :)

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