The perfect spot for hunting trolls

The perfect spot for hunting trolls

Hey what a perfect place for me.

I had to give up running last year, my last run was April, I think you maybe able to guess why.

My joints had a tough time during pregnancy, I managed my last 3 mile walk last July as part of the 5:30 run, I was determined to complete the event as it's so much fun and knew that walkers were welcome but after that I was barely able to walk at all.

I am now gently building walking back in with Ferd my faithful Battle dog by my side but now I also have King Arthur to keep me company and his magnificent battle charger.

The aim is to get back up to running but for now I'm enjoying a slower pace. I'm up to two walks a week now. At the moment they are a sort of meandering affair with stopping to do photography course homework or at the nice cafe in the country park (yummy chocolate cake, going to have to try the lemon drizzle next time ;) ) but I will be adding in a fitness walk in amongst the meanders. Arthur is still only very young so we don't go too far but slowly we will be building up distance.

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  • Sounds great! And all that fresh air will do Arthur good. If you can find the time try to get out more often to build up your stamina! Lovely place for a walk!

  • I'm disabled so I have to build up very slowly. I'm very lucky that I have lots of lovely walks nearby and I live on the edge of Derbyshire so even more places to explore :)

  • That makes things a bit more difficult! Well done for running - and I'm sure you'll get back there. In a couple of years you'll have to be running after Arthur!

  • Hey Spoonie !

    Many Congratulations to you , Hubby and Ferd on the birth of little Arthur :-)

    Enjoy your little one and its lovely to see you on here again xxx

  • Hi Spoonierrunning! Like you, I need to start from basics and get back into moving (a whole lot) more! You obviously live in a lovely place and how nice to be able to combine it with your photography. Nice one!

    I did have a pedometer but it has now stopped counting. That may simply be a flat battery but if I can't get it fixed I'll probably get another one.

    I shall look forward to seeing your posts and will post something once I've got rid of this pesky chest cold!

  • Yay! Ey up Spoons 😀

    Congratulations on the baby! Glad to hear your beloved Ferd is still at your side 🙂

  • Yay Spoonie. Good to see you back on here. Arthur is looking good...xx

  • Aww Spoonie! Congratulations on your little un! Glad too that Ferd is still with you, I've missed tales of him!

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