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hair removal

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hey everyone .

just thought i’d share this

i’ve seen this project and thought i’d share it’s got some many good reviews and sounds like a genuine product to remove our extra hair growth also there is photos on the reviews where people have had facial hair and said there hair no longer grows back and the results in 2 months we’ll worth a checkout i’m so excited i’ve finally found this product and going to order asap

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Ill have a look thank you so much for sharing this xx

your welcome i’m going to try and i’ll give you an updated if this really works because some things we can’t trust so i’m taking a chance and see if anything does change xx

I don't know either way on this product but this is what Trustpilot say

hi lisa i can’t see what trustpilot have said :(

It shows for me if I click on it. Maybe search on Google. It said 52% gave it a 5 but 37% gave it a 1 and it says that they have taken down a lot of fake reviews. So seems like there is a hit or miss with the product

thanks hun i have checked and i messaged a customer and she said it does work

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