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Just diagnosed with Pcos

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Hello, I’m 22 and have just been diagnosed with Pcos. I’m yet to find out the severity of my pcos. I don’t know if I’m being silly, but I can’t stop crying. I’m overthinking so much! I love children and the thought I could possibly suffer with conceiving or not having any is heartbreaking. My friends keep telling me I’ll be fine and it’s very common, but I don’t think there’s enough on this subject and how to deal when you’ve first been told. If anyone could message me their story or how their feeling, I would be so grateful. Thank you in advance x

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Hi Rosalie :) I can't really give you any advise as I was only diagnosed 3 weeks ago at 28 after symptoms since I was in my mid-teens, but I am sorry to hear what a rough time you are going through with the fertility side of things, please try not to worry too much till you know more though as even though it can be harder to fall pregnant a lot of women with PCOS still go on to have children!

I've had the coil (both types) for about 12 years and upon my diagnosis was advised to have my current one removed as it may have been exacerbating my PCOS, so that was removed 2 weeks ago and now I am a hormonal mess, but currently no further info or advice.

Are you on anything to help with any symptoms you may he experiencing?

Sending love xx

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Rosalie_x in reply to DaisyMM

Hey Daisy, apologises it’s taken me so long to reply to you! Thank you for your message. How are you today? Sorry you’ve also not been feeling too great. Have you been referred to a gynaecologist yet? I think it’s taking slightly longer due to the current pandemic.

I’ve only just been diagnosed with Pcos less than a week ago. My periods have been regular until last month (October 2020) I was two weeks late. Me and my partner were thrilled that we could be having a baby. After taking a few pregnancy tests, but them coming back negative I knew something wasn’t right. My doctor sent me for bloods to check I wasn’t having a eptopic pregnancy, that also came back negative. So got sent for a Ultrasound sound, and results came back as Pcos.

I’m yet to obviously be told the severity of it, and to see if I need any medication. I’m currently now late on this months period, and I’ve been very tired and a little depressed. I’d say that’s the only symptoms I’ve been really having. So sorry to go into so much detail, my support system hasn’t been that great! Feel free to message me whenever you like. We are all in this together!

Rosalie. Xx

I can understand your concern Rosalie but u should not be worrired as there are many women in the world having same condition and they enjoy normal life and can conceive normally as there are alots of treatment available

Thank you for your message, much appreciated! Hope you’re ok and having a good weekend? I feel a lot more positive now speaking on here. It’s just a little bit like I’m in the dark about it still, but obviously I’m still waiting to be referred so I shouldn’t be getting worried! My partner who I’ve been with since I was 17 has been amazing also, so that’s really helped. Thank you again Xx

I am dr ihtesham and i know it ao don't be worried about it

Similar to Daisy i wasn't diagnosed later in life. Why worry about something that hasn't happened yet? You can have children. I have pcos and been pregnant 5 times, my sister has had a baby and she has pcos. It is very common. You are only 22, just look after yourself eat well and exercise, as you will also struggle to have a baby is you are overweight. But many overweight women go on to have healthy babies as well, everyone is not the same . I was also diagnosed say 26, now in my 30s I literally had a scan last week and looks like I don't have the look of pcos anymore, so it can correct itself as well.

Hi Rosalie,

Sorry to hear you're struggling, I was recently diagnosed too and the initial shock does get to you emotionally!

I know it's easier said than done but if the biggest concern for you is being able to conceive, try and carry on as normal until you are at the stage of being ready for this, and live a healthy lifestyle.

It's also my biggest concern and we were planning to start trying next year but may bring this forward a little incase it takes a while to conceive if we can, but of course it's always at the back of my mind. We don't want to bring it forward too early though as we aren't ready financially yet, and of course there is a chance it could still happen straight away! Lots of people close to me are pregnant at the moment so it does play on my mind alot, but I have to tell myself not to assume the worst because it may not happen!

One of my symptoms is irregular periods so the doctor has started me on some treatment for that, to try and help stimulate my periods.

Depending on your symptoms perhaps your doctor can recommend what do going forward, if any treatment is necessary or any lifestyle changes that can be made if any?

Hope you're OK :)


I am so sorry you are feeling like this, we have all been there. There is so much hope out there and there are stories of babies and success with health all over the place. You are a great age and that means a huge amount.

I have just found a podcast called Cyster and her Mister, its really interesting and will give you loads of great hints and tips on how to manage PCOS. It is a bit cheesy and irritating but I love it!! I have learnt so much and PCOS is mainly related to insulin and diet, but of course it is also hereditary too , everything is manageable and PCOS is actually one of the easiest things for doctors to manage when it comes to fertility... women with PCOS are actually so good at resending to fertility help that there is a higher rate of twins! In the UK the rate goes from like 1 in 65 to something like 1 in 20. CRAZY!! There is hope so don't over think it too much, focus on you and getting your body in to the best possible shape both inside and out.

PCOS is a syndrome and some Dr's say it can even be reversed! I have just ordered The PCOS Plan: Prevent and Reverse Polycystic Ovary Syndrome through Diet and Fasting. I am really looking forward to this read and if it will help me.

Stay positive, do your research and just believe that it will be ok.

Good luck, you arent alone xx

Hi Rosalie, I'm a 21 yo female and I'm been experiencing several symptoms associated with PCOS- namely hair loss (a LOT), weight gain and irregular periods. I thought it was maybe just my poor diet and lots of stress from uni. May I know how you got tested for PCOS? and what were your symptoms like? Thank you :)

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Jennifish in reply to moonstar99

Hi moonstar99,

My thoughts were exactly the same! I have very irregular periods, with some cycles lasting ~30 days and other cycles lasting ~120 days. I'd never have any periods from the start of the revision period in April up until the end of June so I just assumed it was stress driving the irregular cycles, but I've recently been diagnosed at the age of 23 with PCOS so it seems to be a combination of both!

I think the best thing to do is start a conversation with your GP :) They'll probably wait until you're done with uni, just so they can rule out stress as a factor, but the more information you can bring to your first appointment, the better and the easier it will be for them to pick it up when you're done with your studies. Things like when did you first start your periods, how long is each cycle, what are your cycle symptoms, etc. are all good things to have in mind. I tracked my periods + symptoms on a period tracking app which they found very useful.

Everyone will have slightly different journeys depending on the symptoms they're exhibiting (for example, I didn't have weight gain or hair growth/loss) but if your GP doesn't think your period is being affected by diet/stress/external factors, they'll probably ask for a blood test to check your hormone levels as the most common symptom is raised testosterone levels. After my blood test I completed an ultrasound (trasvaginal and normal) which revealed the polycystic ovaries.

I hope that helps!

All the best,

Hi Rosalie, my name is Rebecca and I too have very recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I’m 23 years old and I have been feeling very much the same. I don’t really know how I should feel at the moment since my diagnosis only came in 2 weeks ago, but I do know I feel sad and very worried about it and what this will mean for my future. It’s horrible to think that when the time comes for me and my boyfriend to start a family that we could struggle and face some real challenges to conceive. I would love to have a family, so much so I would do it tomorrow if I wasn’t still trying to build on my career.

My doctor was very positive when she told me what was wrong with me but despite her optimism I still came away feeling really low and sad, because after all, how can she truly know what my journey will be like?

To be perfectly honest, I felt like my whole life I had been lied to. During school when we were taught about periods and what a woman should go through to have a baby and etc felt like the goal posts/guard rails we as were expected to meet to be classified as a ‘woman’. I feel as though it was a total fib and now I’m feeling majorly inadequate because I don’t fit the ‘norm’. From getting my first period to being 23 years old I’ve always felt like I wasn’t normal and now I guess I have that confirmed that I’m not. I’ve read that this is a normal reaction but I haven’t been able to find any support either with the initial diagnosis part. All I keep thinking is that I wish I had a crystal ball to just know with certainty how hard or easy it might be for me to have a baby. My friends and family have described me as ‘a mum without a baby’ and it terrifies me that, that might be the case or that I’ll have to fight tooth and nail to have it. I just need to hear from other women like yourself that I’m not alone and what I’m feeling is normal. I need to find some hope and positivity in the situation and I think the only way I can get that is to share my experience and my feelings. I hope this has helped normalise how you feel. Sending love, we aren’t alone in this.

Rebecca x

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