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Has Clomid worked for you?


So, I’ve just had my first appointment with a gynaecologist and they sad that they were going to check if I was ovulating. If I am not ovulating they’re going to put me on Clomid. So, I’m wondering what your experiences were with Clomid and how effective was it in helping you become pregnant?

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I got pregnant twice on clomid, miscarried once. Even clomid doesn't work for you theres another drug, I forget the name now, that they could try.

Thank you Bronzie.

Good luck hun xxx

Didn't work for me - clomid does not make you ovulate, it increases the amount of follicles in the hope one will make the jump and ovulate.

That’s great. I’ve already got loads of follicles they are just not being released.

they can give you injections to force ovulation. We do tend to ovulate slightly later than the norm though so if they are going to scan you to see then it needs to be past the 14 days normally. I think I conceived my son (IUI) and it was day 16+ (can't quite remember, he is 14 though but my first attempt was on day 13 which was too early!!)

I have a blood test tomorrow for progesterone levels and it will be on cycle day 21 and have my ultrasound at the end of this month.

Worked for me twice, just be aware it may not work the first cycle as it can take a couple of goes to get the amount right.

Good luck!

Thank you, will keep that in mind.

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, but it certainly can! There are a few women on the fertility board who have had successful pregnancies using clomid.

Good luck x

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