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Anyone Out There


I am a 20 year old woman who has Depression, Anixesty and Epilepsy as well as PCOS. To be honest, I am having problems with my anixesty at the moment and it is compounded by being on the spectrum. I feel like some of my issues are ASD related and some are related my PCOS as well as relating to mental health. Is there anyone else out there? I just feel a bit on my own at the moment and it would be nice to know there is someone in a similar postion.

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I have linked you an article that discusses in part some research suggesting increased incidence of Autism in women with PCOS, so you are likely not alone in that respect.

PCOS is also known to be associated with anxiety and depression for multiple reasons or even physiologically. So it’s unlikely you are alone in your position and many women before have gone through your situation.

I’m sorry you’re going through a difficult time but you there will be better times and help is around you should you need it!


There is a link between pcos and anxiety/depression so you certainly are not alone, they are not sure if it is the hormone imbalance that causes this or the symptoms of pcos.


Ok. Thanks :)

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I have pcos, anxiety and depression. You are not alone. Im here if you need to chat. Maybe seek counselling x

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