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Any advice please

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Hi there

I am in need of advice as I am now at a dead end of where to go next.

Age 16 I got told I had POCS, the doctor sends me for a scan and they say they can’t see any of my left ovaries. Doctor is not concerned as still young.

Periods get more intense over the years where every time I have a period it results in one week off. I have been to A&E previously where they gave me two co codomal left me in a room they came back later and said they needed the room. Pain is so intense that my partner now has to look after me as I can’t physcially move any part of my body. Doctors have known about my period pain for years. They reccomend I use the mini pill however, my hormones do not agree with that and I end up on anti depressants. Fast forward to this year.

I went to see a new doctor as I realised my doctor wasn’t doing anything about this. New doctor sends me for a scan - whilst getting scanned the lady says that everything is fine and there will be no problem of having children as it looks all great down there. Amazing you think to yourself wow I can have children!!!

Fast forward a week where I get a phone call from my doctor saying I have POCS and that I need to come in for a chat. I go in for a chat she half explains what the problem is gives me the mini pill (after I had explained it does not help me) and says come back in a month and She can refer me to the gyno.

Please can someone give me advice on what to do?

I should say that I am 25yo I am not looking to start a family yet but I would like to in a couple of years hence why I want to get this sorted out early. I have not used contraception in the past 5 years - I have not been pregnant once - no STI’s. The doctor has said that I should treat my pain first and then think about children as I am still too young. I do not agree with this as I think the problem should be resolved now not later on.

I would appreciate any advice small or big or if you think anything could help. Please please please do message.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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I know exactly what you're going through. Period weeks in college were so bad I often had to skip classes or I wound up in the bathroom for most of the class time anyway hoping my nsaid cocktail kicked in. I've been told to suck it up before when I felt like a knife was cutting through my side because of the cramps.

The mini pill (progestin only) doesn't really work well for PCOS. And yeah, lots of doctors will just flub you off instead of dealing with the problem because the longer it's gone on for, the worse the symptoms will get.

We usually have to take matters into our own hands and make lifestyle changes because the docs usually don't do very much for us with medicines or anything else. But what you should do is reject the gyne and absolutely, positively insist on seeing an endocrinologist because the gynes absolutely will not help you with any insulin, adrenal or thyroidal issues and if the doctor keeps telling you they're referring you to the gyne it's because they just want to get you on the coil or some other birth control that usually only mask symptoms anyway. Insist on the endo.

Also, anti-depressants do help with the hormonal issues; ADs treat hormone imbalances in the brain, which is where the whole thing starts to begin with, and depression is often a symptom of PCOS.

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I can not thank you enough for the information you have provided me with. I was not aware there were other options.

Genuinely nice to hear from someone else! Thank you so so much I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed this will help!

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Oh good. I really can't state how important it is seeing an endo over a gyne. I thought I had gotten a referral for one but they switched it for the gyne on me. Flat out state you won't see the gyne because PCOS is NOT a reproductive problem, it's an endocrine problem with reproductive symptoms, if they give you any trouble

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