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Support from your GP


Hi all

I just wondered what type of support, information etc. you have received from your GP since diagnosis?

I got diagnosed January 2017 and wasn’t given any information at all about PCOS and they just suggested I take the pill to help with hormones (could only put me on mini pill at the time as I suffered from migraines and smoked) but that just made me bleed all the time.

So I’m currently not taking anything to help with the symptoms and neither doctor or nurse have really discussed this any further with me. Love the NHS and all they do, this isn’t a dig!

Is it because PCOS isn’t deemed to be that big of a deal? Not enough real information about it? Just curious how other people have got on since diagnosis. I’m new here so if this isn’t the type of thing that usually goes on in the forum apologies!

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unfortunately I've had nothing in the way of support or information, I've had to do all the research myself. I'm starting to follow a low GI diet, which has helped but I still have symptoms. I also love the NHS and think its really important but I also think that because pcos isn't life threatening its put on The back burner

It’s a shame - I’d have felt better if they had at least given some sort of leaflet! I wasn’t asked if I wanted children (I’m 27 and haven’t had any yet) or anything. Luckily the internet is there though so we can refer to that but there’s also a lot of misinformation out there. Have you found low GI good for weight loss? I’m so fat at the moment I feel to be embarrassed to be seen in public!

with the weight loss its been slow but then I've not combined ut with any targeted exercise (I'm just too lazy lol). A leaflet would have been nice but like you say that's what the internet is for. There are herbal supplements you can take but lately I've started not liking tablets. Sorry, essential fatty acids are meant to be good for pcos sufferers, I don't think they would offset any weight

sorry forgot to add if you need anything please don't hesitate to contact me

The road to my diagnosis was an odd one after having my second daughter I was suffering with immense pain for six months until one day I went down hill fast with suspected appendicitis got slightly better overnight sent for scan turns out I had a dermoid cyst on my ovary that had attached to the outside wall so when I moved it pulled. Fast forward six more months had surgery to remove dermoid by gyney surgeon. Went back and to for six months told it was scar tissue healing. New doctor starts checks how often been back and to tell her I was worried another dermoid had formed as was in immense pain again. Sent for another scan finally get diagnosis of pcos told it was normally picked up on scan when having children felt annoyed I had 2 scans on first child 3 on second a scan to tell I had a dermoid cyst opened up by a gyney surgeon and no one had spotted it? Put on pill turn into horrible nasty person changed pills 3 times did no good had the mireba coil put it which hurt and made me miserable had it removed just before I got married. Returned to doctor not nice doctor I had seen as need to see someone immediately instead was head practise doctor explained I was bleeding heavy and In a lot of pain with mood swings to boot was told and it's stuck with me "it's just your condition" made me feel like I was wasting her time After a lot of back and too to nicer doc turns out I had fibroids, weak back and nerve problem in back to boot so mixed bag with gp. A good doctor seems to make all the difference

Hi - My 16 year old daughter was diagnoised with PCOS in February through a blood test due to lack of cycle. She was just given a leaflet and told to read up on PCOS on the internet from her doctor. I have moved her to a different doctor recommended by a friend who has PCOS, this doctor has asked for more blood tests and has referred her to a gynecologist. I am hoping he will put her on the pill for her lack of cycle. And test her for insulin resistant.

She has no other symptoms.

Hi Starwberrys, I’m glad you’ve found a more proactive doctor for your daughter! Personally I didn’t find the pill to be helpful for anything other than improving acne - it made me worse hormone-wise and I put on weight (which made all the other symptoms worse!) Hopefully the doctor you have now will be able to come up with some helpful suggestions, I know mine didn’t!

My GP hasn't been helpful at all x I've done all my own research online x I can't work out whether GPs just don't know enough about it or just don't care. I have weight issues too and got referred to a Gaenocologist just to get my hopes up and then get there and be told they won't do anything fertility wise until I lose weight. A double kick in the teeth when PCOS is partly to blame for the weight issues. There is soooo much information online and like some said it can be misleading but I also believe it's trial and error. What works for some doesn't work for other people. There are a variety of supplements etc you can try x I also take metformin but I had to ask my GP for it it wasn't suggested and I also had to go back and ask them to increase my dose as the dose I was prescribed I found out was too low to be effective on PCOS. Again metformin doesn't work for everyone but for me I've managed to lose a stone in weight and my periods have returned from going a year without one x My GP also didn't tell me I should have a period every 3 months even if it's a forced one so I went a whole year before they acted on it xx

I was diagnosed about 25 years and told I wouldn't be able to have children and that was it (and that was wrong as well) !! Haven't received any help at all and it is only due to Verity the charity that I managed to find out properly about the condition. Problem is it is just thought of a fertility issue but it has long term health consequences as well if you don't get it under control. Luckily more is known but really you need to ask to be referred to an endocrinologist to get any sort of help with pcos. A lot of GP's seem to believe its lucky to have no periods too whereas it can cause major issues.

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Yes definitely experienced GP (and others) thinking lack of period is cause for celebration. Do I enjoy having a period? No. Do I want to have one regularly? Of course! I do feel less inclined to prompt the GP for more help/referral to someone who has knowledge on the subject since getting my period every 2/3 months or so. When I told him I hadn’t had one for over a year he just raised eyebrows and told me to join Slimming World 😒

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how helpful!! Ask to be referred to an endocrinologist - look at the NICE guidelines on pcos too as it says what to expect with PCOS and the NHS

Hi unfortunately I was in the same boat as you my doctor basically said deal with it... NO proper explanation of what pcos is and how it can be treated. So I took it upon myself to see a herbalist who explained it all in depth to me she gave me light at the end of a tunnel so I'm pushing through with some natural remedies. I only started last week so I couldn't tell you if its worked yet but she was so informative and lovely she helped me feel a lot less stressed and it's all natural for me this is a big deal. So if your interested research some herbalist and herbal remedies it might help. Also people in this group are pretty awesome at answering questions. Sorry I wrote like an essay lol hope it helped a bit x

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