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Disappointed with gynae appt

Really disappointed with gynae appointment today. TTC 1year, started on metformin in November as my periods had stopped for 4 months. Periods have restarted but haven’t been ovulating (wee tests all negative and BBT is all over the place). I was hoping that I would be started on clomid but I’ve just been increased from 500mg 1x day to 2x day. She said because my periods were so erratic before starting metformin she’s now classing is as TTC for 3 months as she said we’ve only had 3 months of realistic chance since starting metformin... so Next follow up is December...

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How helpful!! Have you had your tubes checked yet and your partners sperm checked ?


Nope and nope!


I personally would go back to your GP, do they have a record of when you started TTC - metformin is not a miracle drug (are you overweight?) and actually isn't licenced for use in the UK unless you are diabetic or insulin resistant. I sort of get the impression you have been fobbed off. Speak to your GP about a sperm test because if it is your partner then you being on metformin isnt going to help. Get your partner on the Boots Vit C and zinc tablets as they wont do any harm anyway.

Also look at the NICE guidlines on PCOS as it will tell you what to expect from the NHS.

As pcos is a known fertility issue you can be referred much quicker than the 2 years for non pcos ladies with fertility issues.

Also is your bmi under 30 as often they wont treat you if it is over. You are taking your temperature which should show if you do ovulate as well so take that chart with you as well for any appointments.


They do know that I came off he pill in February and started TTC but they were also unhelpful, my periods stopped for 4 months and I had a scan which showed pcos and they totally fobbed me off saying it was normal. I paid privately to see the gynae who said I have mild pcos (I don’t have issues with excess hair and my bloods were the highest end of normal)

My bmi is 26 but am trying to lose weight to get it back in the normal range and my husband has an appointment at the end of the month to see gp about sperm check. I’m just really disappointed because I’ve been fobbed off by the gp since TTC and it’s now happening again. I’m really considered blowing the money we saved for a new kitchen and bathroom on paying for fertility treatment privately. X


I wouldnt go down the private route yet, see what the sperm results show, they should do 3 to get an average as well. BMI is good so dont worry too much about that, is your husband's weight good too as that can affect sperm along with alcohol and smoking.

How old are you as that can affect how quickly you go down the fertility route (I was 33 when I started TTC).

Do you have another GP at your surgery you could see. Look at the NICE guidelines so when you go next you can tell them what you want. The NHS is so strapped for cash I think that they will fob off so you do need to be quite forceful.

I conceived Noah via IUI 2nd attempt, and the only difference between the two attempts was reflexology that I had once a week and my period arrived on the day and almost to the hour which had never happened before (I was usually 2-11 days late but rarely ovulated) so I am positive that helped hugely so may be worth seeing if you have someone locally and start that!

It will happen in the end so dont worry too much, its really rare not to conceive with pcos, you just need the patience of a saint lol


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