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I had two appointments this week one on Monday for gynae and one today for the bowel. Neither consultant was helpful and in a roundabout way told me that I can cope and it's not really a big deal so there's not much they can do. They've both requested to see me again in 6 months. I don't know whether I should refuse treatment and go elsewhere or just hold it out. My anxiety levels have been so high since Monday and I can't stop crying. I know it doesn't make it any better but I've decided to have a bottle of wine so hopefully I'll sleep well tonight. I'm sick and tired of going back and forth to the gp as I'm not getting anywhere..could anyone suggest the best next steps..

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  • Maybe try changing your doctors or try to find a doctor for your problems with more years of experience with specific health conditions. I'm sorry to hear your not happy. 😘

  • Please don't give up! I'm sure its worth the fight in the end! Always remember your stronger and more capable than you think💪💯

  • What are your main issues ?? Gynae is not that great often from a pcos point of view as they are 'fanny' rather than hormone imbalance.

    We have a very active Verity London Facebook page FYI who meet up quite regularly.

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