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Horrid mood swings

Hi ladies, hope all is well!

Needing a bit of advice, haven't had a period since December (suffer from oligmenorrhea) and the past week I really haven't been feeling myself. My mood swings are concerning me as I've been really happy and then just switching to the point I feel I could kill someone 0-100. I've been really tearful and struggling to sleep for the past few months (I've had a lot going on medically and it's been very overwhelming) and just wanted to know if any of you have experienced the same issue or can offer some help. xx

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Actually sounds more like depression to me - I had feelings like you have just before I went on AD's 10 years ago, if you have a lot going on at the mo then it sort of makes sense, perhaps try st johns wort initially to see if that helps lift your mood and if that doesn't work then go back to your GP. St Johns Wort cannot be taken with certain medication though so read it carefully if you do decide to try it.

Make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy as well.

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Thanks for the reply! I've been on citalopram before for depression and anxiety and had cbt but stopped taking the meds out of the blue. I have a new referral for cbt for next week so hopefully it'll be more helpful this time round. Like yourself I do think it's more than just the hormones around my periods x


That is what I am on and for me it helps massively. Was on it for about 5 years after having my son, and then 5 years off it and went back on about a year ago and it helps massively I think, I think a period can make it worse though so the dodgy hormones certainly don't help.


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