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Throbbing pain in vagina

Hi guys, I've been diagnosed with PCOS from 2012. I am 21, not sexually active and suffer from very irregular periods (4-6 a year) and when they do come the pain is immense. My last one in November was terrible and I was in a&e twice. The last 2 weeks I've been getting a throbbing/deep ache pain in my vagina with shooting pains down my left legs. I am having a lap and hysteroscopy next week but want to know if anyone else has had similar pains. x

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No not heard of it before - are they checking for endometriosis as well during the lap as it is quite common to have both pcos and endo and endo tends to cause pain whereas pcos generally does not.


Hey, yeah they are checking for endo. But my gynaecologist is doing it not a Bgse centre, so that worries me a little but She said she has dealt with loads of endo patients so hopefully it'll be ok. Fingers crossed x

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