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Desperate, confused and very sad...

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I have been diagnosed with PCOS about 8 years ago, pretty much at the same time my OH and I started TTC. We have been trying for 8 years, but not one BFP in sight. I started off having irregular periods, when I was diagnosed, maybe one every 3 months or so, now about 2 years ago I started bleeding constantly, having maybe 3 weeks off in the 2 years. The gynecologist I saw last year because of this and recently again says all I can do is take the pill or get the mirena coil inserted to try and stop my bleeding, when I told her that I already tried this and it didn't do anything, she didn't listen. It felt like she just looked at me when I walked in, saw that I was overweight and that was it... Yes I am overweight and yes I know I need to lose weight, but honestly (even though my doctors don't believe me), I am trying very hard to lose weight, but it just won't come off... I am eating low carb, healthy food (no pasta, no bread, no potatoes, no cereal, no red meat, no dairy etc.) and go to the gym at least 3 time a week, more if I can. I started doing this seriously at the beginning of the year and lost about 6 lbs. When I went to my sister's wedding a couple of weeks ago and ate a few things I don't normally eat (like a potato, a bread role and a few other things over 2 days) I gained all of this back.

This is so frustrating and I don't really know what else I can do. I want a baby so bad and it's making me depressed that it seems to be happening for everyone else, just not for us. Also the constant bleeding is getting between my OH and I.

I don't understand why my efforts to lose weight aren't really giving me any results, I don't understand why I gain weight so easily if I go off track for 1 day, I don't know what else to do... :'(

Just wanted to see if anyone is in the same boat and maybe has any tips? I honestly would do anything to make this better and finally lose weight...

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Hi there i have pcos since i was a teenager and i have struggled with my weight for years i am so sorry that you are struggling to lose weight and trying for a baby, i found some thing that might help you this lady who is online helps lot with of women pcos she has done a lot of research in to pcos the web adderss is take a look at it if it helps subscribe to it if you like the look of it i hope i have helped let me know how you get on.

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Alys18 in reply to freyja12

Hi Freya - I have read a lot on the PCOSdiet support page and wondered what stuff you had found around diet? I am so keen to shed this extra weight!! Ideally 3 stone of it!!!!! :( - Fed up today and needing support!

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Hi Alys 18 there is this web site that will help you with a diet designed for people pcos it's a really big help give it a go it's let me know what you think keep in touch.

The other diet to try is the 5:2 fasting which I love as it costs nothing (once you get your head around it it is quite easy). Have you been tested for insulin resistance as this can make it more difficult to lose weight. You need a glucose intolerance test so blood test then sugary drink then further blood test, this shows what your body does with sugar which is in everything, even if you think you are being good, there is so much hidden sugar.

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Neniel in reply to Hols969

Hi Hols,

No I haven't been tested for anything really... I don't eat any processed food and only drink cinnamon or ginger tea or water. I hardly eat any fruit and if I do only low GI ones (like apples and berries).

I've made an appointment with a doctor that specialises in PCOS (among others) and hope he'll be able to help.

I am in the same boat as you Neniel, I started dieting and exercise then fell off the wagon and am now finding it difficult to start back.

I was told yesterday that I have PCOS, I have a follow up appointment to see what will be offered to me.

I'll repost the advice I am given, if you need support it might be easier to find a someone in a similar situation as you and start your journey together of healthy eating and exercising and see what results come of that.

Good luck.

Hello rl87. Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with PCOS. I hope you'll get some good advice.

I was looking for a fertility support group around where I live and/or work, but there is none near enough... It just feels very lonely sometimes.

Good luck to you too :)

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