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Ovarian cysts

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 17 and Endo at 19 through a lap. I have been continuously bleeding for 3 months whilst taking cerazette every day! The doctors are unable to take a smear because it is too painful! I have been referred to two different gynaecologists and went for a scan yesterday. My left ovary is now 11.7 cc and my right is 18cc, is this big? I have no idea what any of this means and thought I could post on here to see if anyone else does? 😔

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A 'normal' sized ovary is 4.5cc so both your ovaries are considerably enlarged and could account for the continuous bleeding (although I have to point out here I have taken POP pills and bled too with no other underlining condition). Do you have other symptoms? Abdominal pain? Fever? Change in body weight? Difficulty weeing? Wikipedia says that enlarged ovaries are rarely a serious condition but you should be very wary of high fever with enlarged ovaries (over 101F).

I, unfortunately, have no direct experience for you but wanted to let you know the bits I did know. Your Dr should be looking for cysts, tumors and endometriosis (which you say you already have). If the enlargements are because of cysts your Dr might look at removing the cysts.

You should be drinking lots of fluids and staying active to counterbalance large ovaries.

Good luck getting more answers and make sure you're pushing Drs for treatment plans.

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