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Gluten free vegan baked black lentil loaf.

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Hi everyone,

Here's what I made for dinner tonight, I've friends and family coming for Christmas dinner and I said I'm making a black beluga lentil loaf and today thought I ought to see how things might pan out. It's a great alternative to a nut roast too.

I used a can of organic black lentils organic onion and mushrooms with some gram flour ground flax seed garlic celery salt black pepper chilli and a little water and blended it roughly in my food processor then spread it in a ceramic baking dish sprinkled golden linseed on top and baked for about 45 mins with a baked potato and I had some sprouts and local cauliflower and baked potato with some thick gravy made with the veg water added to gram flour mixed into a paste with cold water low salt bouillon and some yeast extract.

I much prefer alternatives like this to the highly processed fake foods that are on the market as this is made with natural healthy ingredients that are gluten free and plant based.

Jerry 😊

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This looks and sounds lovely Jerry. I hope you have a lovely time with your family and friends, I am sure they will love the meal

Thanks Debs, it's being with family and friends that counts. 😊

Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Thats very true Jerry

That looks and sounds lovely Jerry, I'm sure your friends and family will enjoy it.

Jerry in reply to crazyfitness

Thanks Alicia I enjoyed it πŸ˜€


I think this will be great Jerry. I agree with you. At least you know what’s in it. Are you going to do a dessert?

Sounds like you’ll have a busy Christmas Day with your friends and family. For us it’s just me, phil and Lola for Christmas Day.

Ali πŸ™‚πŸŒ±

Thanks Ali, with all this fake meat I thought I'd cook an alternative Christmas dinner...Nut free Nut roast LOL. I love cooking a roast so am quite relaxed as it'll all be cooking merrily away before anyone arrives.

Now I think that you've had one too many gingerbread men, Christmas dinner without Christmas pud!!!...this sounds like an ordeal to me 😒 and I nearly clicked report to report you to HU...

I've a large vegan gf Lilly puds pud:

I've also couple of their mini ones, just for emergencies you understand.

I hope that you enjoy your Christmas with Phil and the lovely Lola. πŸ˜€

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jerry

I think your nut-free nut roast sounds perfect Jerry.

Oh Jerry, I think you might have a little emergency coming on over Christmas and why not!

I have got a Christmas pudding from Sainsburys. I only like it fried with loads of vegan cream. Looking forward to that.

πŸ€” I’ve just realised I’m missing a trick.... I’ll have to get another one in, you know just for emergencies 😁

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