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Being vegan and having visitors


What do others do if they have guests or people popping in for a coffee. We have the situation that we never have cows milk so I quickly make a nut milk of some sort usually cashew and put that in their coffee and it looks a bit odd, we usually have black coffee ourselves. We don’t have enough people coming and going to buy ready made nut milks for just in case as we like to make our own. When my parents stay I have to make food my dad wants which is meat. I hate cooking it but I don’t think he would come and stay otherwise! Do others have this problem and how do you get around it?

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My wife will go out and buy some cows milk. I prefer to find another solution.

Hi Ali, this is sad and I think that I would try making a meal that was vegan but your dad would enjoy especially with one of your gorgeous puds and be confident about it, as you can do it.

And to appease him go to a restaurant that serves vegan and meaties and it wouldn't hurt to buy them a carton of milk as a compromise to make them feel comfortable in the first instance.

But in my opinion this is your home so you have to establish your boundaries and then others will respect them. Not respecting our own boundaries is passive aggression...

So good luck with this. 😊

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Yes you are quite right and it’s horrible cooking meat in your vegan oven. I will give it a go and see how it works out. He is a meat and veg type person. Maybe I could cook a few times and then they can eat out for a night and get an Indian take away another and I would like the Indian food as well. Maybe he would like one of my desserts. We will see!......


That is a very good question. I am lucky that both my parents are Veggies (but will have my vegan/GF food) and even better none of my friends can drive, so no one ever pops in - we have to meet in town.

The only problem is with my partner, he is a meat eater and I was only wondering the other day, when we move in together, how it will work, I really don't want to be cooking meat.

Will your Dad not meet half way when he visits?

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Hi, that will be difficult if your partner is a meat eater but although I am a strict vegan I do think you have to have relationships and be flexible with other people but I find it hard. I have decided to try What Jerry says as far as my dad is concerned and do a vegan lasagne one day and a stir fry another. Make a few puddings and then he can get his own fish and chips one day and an Indian take away another. He is a bit stuck in his ways though. My mum is much better to cater for.

Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Agoodenough

That is an excellent idea, hope it all works well. Agreed there must give and take, I was thinking of having different cutlery and cooking utensils etc so at least I know I won't be eating off or cooking with something that has come into contact wit meat.

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