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What after 12 Weeks (at least)?


Hi, I understand we should shield for at least 12 weeks to protect ourselves and the system (so it can deal with the onslaught) and let the pandemic peter out. But what worries me is that the virus will not disappear and all who are at high risk of getting seriously ill now will still be at risk in 12 weeks time (at least). What I want to know is what then? We continue staying indoors / shielding until they discover the vaccine (estimate 12-18 months)? Or play Russian roulette with our lives (by then they should have enough beds and ventilators, but according to this document england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/... from NHS England "Mechanical ventilation is especially challenging and

many of the patients with severe CTD and vasculitis are poor ITU candidates so service needs to have strong prevention strategy".)? Any thoughts?

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No thoughts but concerns like you that after 12 weeks the threat will still be around .

Stay safe

Thanks, you too

My thinking is that we should wait until there are no new reported cases then wait another fortnight before venturing out.

We're going to become hermits and move to a croft in Scotland. That actually sounds like the easy option, seeing this through will be far more fraught.

I wish I could move there now, at least I'd be able to go out for some sun and fresh air -I live in a flat...

That must be so difficult at least we have a garden to sit in . Take care

Wait for further instructions from the Government

Completely agree it's very worrying. I guess it's a waiting game.

Worrying for the Scots.

I imagine there will be further advice given at the time, via the NHS Coronavirus service. I have been getting texts everyday from them repeating the advice we already know, so they are bound to update this. My greatest wish is that they would get on and tell the supermarkets who we are and give us priority deliveries.

In the meantime I am grateful I have a garden, and my heart goes out to all of you who haven't, especially those without even a balcony.

Best Wishes to all. xx

p.s. as I write another text arrived telling me to play soduku!

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